Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Pinterest Challenge

I'm beyond excited to link up over at Young House Love and Bower Power for their Pinterest Challenge!  The idea behind the challenge is to motivate themselves (and their followers) to actually DO something they've pinned.

I racked my brain for what pin to make my own.  I dug through all my boards, rediscovered a lot of great ideas, and then found a few that had me all, "what the Hagrid was I thinking when I pinned this?"  After a bit of hemming and hawing, I stumbled on a picture one of the most inspiring projects I've found in blogland.  Is anyone surprised that I found it on YHL?  Yeah, me neither.

Here it is:
Source: via me on Pinterest
After I finished cleaning my puddle of drool off the floor, I started thinking logistics.  I knew I had one week to complete the challenge, and this was no small project!  Fortunately, I had a head start; I had already spray painted most of my frames a bright white, and I had painted a few more frames the same off white color as our breakfast table and Madison's changing table.  I had also already used John & Sherry's newspaper trick to determine where to hang the frames, as well as facilitating an inconclusive vote on which arrangement looked the best.  I had even filled the largest and smallest frames with some sentimental "art".

All that remained was to fill a few more frames and actually hang everything!  It made sense to me to hang the frames before filling them; that way I could see how everything was getting along.  Part of the beauty of using newspaper to map out the wall was that the newspaper dummies doubled up as templates!  I just laid each sheet on its corresponding frame, then felt for and marked where the nail(s) should go with a highlighter.  I did this one piece at a time, replacing the newspapers on the wall as I went.

I also labeled each sheet with a description of the frame that it was standing in for.  This one, obviously enough, was for my plain frame.  After marking and replacing all the pieces of newspaper, I started hammering.
 Insert Mitt Romney joke here.  Maybe, "I nailed Mitt Romney?"  Nah, too easy (ha ha).  For the record, I have never "nailed" Mitt Romney, and I have no way of knowing his level of easiness.  I'd hate to get any character bashing started too early in the campaign process!
 One helpful tip I wish I had known before starting this project: when hanging multiple frames, go from the bottom up!  I had to remove almost every one of these to hang the bottom ones first.  Dope!
Next would be the part where I fill the rest of the frames with beautiful and meaningful art, except that I ran out of time steam.  See, my daughter Madison is four months old, beautiful, sweet, funny, and smart.  She also seems to be part owl, meaning that I've gotten about one halfway decent night of sleep in the last two weeks.  Yeah, I did just blame my procrastination on my four-month-old.  And yes, my dog did eat my homework!  

Here is the (not so) complete frame wall.  Out of the fourteen frames/objects on the wall, only four are definitely staying as is.  Most of the frames just have temporary filler, and some, as you can see, are completely empty.  As unfinished and imperfect as it may be, I LOVE it!  I smile every time I walk through the hallway. 
 The four "done" items are, in no particular order:
Well, done except for making it level.
I'll be posting about this tomorrow.  This is my new favorite frame!
Are you participating in the Pinterest Challenge?  Do you ever go through your Pinterest boards and wonder what you hit your head on the day you pinned something?  Have you ever used "Hagrid" to fill in for a curse word?  Most importantly, do you know any good Mitt Romney jokes?  
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Visiting from YHL! I am working on the same concept for my master bedroom! I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as you did (I have three boys!) but managed a few! Yours looks great.

  2. This is my next Pinterest project!

  3. I would LOVE to actually do some things I pinned but I don't really have the time nor do I have a house to put anything in SO until this school semester is over I'm stuck with just pinning. I do love the wall thought Kelly-great job :)

  4. Love this!!! You did a great job. It looks amazing!

    Here is my pinterest challenge post, if you're interested.


  5. This looks go great! Love the "As You Wish" frame!

  6. hi there,

    i LOVE gallery walls. to the point of being addicted to them. yours is so personal and full of character. you ought to be very proud of it! you have chosen some real conversation pieces.

    i did participate in the yhl challenge. my link is

    i chose to do my own twist on vintage documentation for my future gallery wall.

  7. AWESOME job!!! Now that you have your frames up you'll have art in those bad boys in no time!! :) I've painted a bunch of frames & have a lot of pics/art in mind but that's as far as I've gotten in 5 months!!!!

  8. This is great! I'm working on a gallery wall right now for a HUGE wall in our house... having a hard time getting all the frames I need.

    Here's what I did for the Pinterest challenge: