Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Made my Bed...

...and now I have to lie in it.

Actually, I didn't.  Not literally, anyway.  I'm pretty sure our bed hasn't been made for at least a week and a half.  And I wish I had to lie in it.  No time for lying down today!  What I'm trying to say is that my procrastination has left me with entirely too much to do in one day, but I have to do it, anyway. 

So here's my list:
  • Take Madi's 22 week picture
    • Give her a bath.
    • Wash her doll.
    • Find a blanket and bow to coordinate with her Thanksgiving onesie.
    • Find a time of day where she'll be happy enough to hopefully smile.
    • Upload pictures, find a decent one, crop if necessary, and upload to facebook.
    • Try not to hover on facebook reading every comment as it comes through.
  •  Get new flooring for the kitchen
    • Decide between the tiles I really want (which are not mainstream and may not sell well, but cost considerably less than the alternative and require WAY less work to install, and (in my opinion) are prettier) and the "sensible" (boring) alternative.
    • Load Madison and all necessary baby care essentials (like a burp rag, back-up burp rag, and back-up back-up burp rag) into our car (which reminds me I need to clean out our car).
    • Stop by the credit union to get money because we live in the stone ages and only have one debit card, which Pat had to take today.
    •  Drive to Lowes (or maybe Home Depot depending on pricing), cart a (hopefully asleep at this point) Madison around the store, have a terrible time finding what I need because their customer service SUCKS, and hopefully leave with all the goods.
  • Make my Thanksgiving food contributions. This will actually be fairly easy since all I've committed to is mashed potatoes.  Well, technically, we're bringing the turkey, but all I had to do was defrost it.  Do I get points for that?  I mean, it took me days.  I was also kind of hoping to do some "extra credit" and bake pumpkin loaf or something.  So this list is optional, but I'll try to get it done.
    • Find a decent recipe for something Thanksgiving-y that I think I can handle.
    • Go get all the ingredients (meaning another trip with Madison). 
    • Prepare.
Now for the list of things that should (and probably won't) be done.
-Mopping the kitchen floors
-Balancing checking acct.
-Paying off the hospital (we've had money set aside for this for over a month now, and I just haven't gotten around to sending it.)
-Making the bed.

How's that for full circle?

I'm curious: do you make your bed every day?


  1. New flooring?! How exciting! I'll be making our Thanksgiving food contributions today too. All very easy stuff...pumpkin cream pie, chocolate cream pie and Hershey kiss acorns (this will be a project Luke will help me with.) I hope you get all of your items checked off your list today:)

  2. Gee, I'm tired after reading your post!

    Will miss getting to see you all on Thanksgiving.