Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the Frames Keep Coming.

 I'm having more fun than I expected with the frame wall project.  I've been digging through our "sentimental" box (mostly filled with stuff that should have been thrown away, but wasn't, thank goodness), and it's been a fun walk down memory lane. 

Sorry, I had to go rinse the taste of bile from my mouth.  Being so cliche made me a little sick.

I think this project came at a good time; it's really easy, with a new baby, to lose focus on our relationship.  Looking through all the mementos of our very early days has reminded me of how we felt about each other back before we were "Mommy" and "Daddy".  And, minus the obsessive co-dependency, I'd like to get back to being this way.

First, I found two very important ticket stubs.  After seeing The Crocodile Hunter, Patrick told me for the first time that he loved me.  It must have been a very romantic movie!  And our first kiss was after watching Star Wars for probably the sixth time in theaters.  It took him more than three full cycles of POD's "Satellite" album to work up the nerve.  Yeah, we were that cool.  Who doesn't want their first kiss to happen while listening to "The Messenjah"?

And yes, I did put them in the wrong order.  My lazier side is telling me to just say I sorted them alphabetically, but I'll probably end up flipping them.  One day.  It'll probably be the same day that I iron the creases out of Madison's curtains, clean out my email's spam folder, and organize the junk drawer.
 Probably my favorite find so far was this calendar page.  It's written in gel pen on black paper, because that's what all the cool fourteen-year-old's were doing.  Just kidding; I've never been cool.  Anyway, the reason I was so excited to find this is that June 2002 is the month we started dating.  I was so enthralled with Pat at this point that I used a code to mark the days when I saw him; any date that has a smiley face was a Patrick day.  June was a pretty significant month for me.  Aside from starting to date my future husband and baby-daddy, we went to Super Summer, Jeff and Michelle (our youth minister and matchmaker) got hitched, and my granny passed away.
Do you like my camera technique?  I call it "The Cobra"!
 I also decided to frame my favorite of Madison's newborn pictures, by the talented Cristina Murphy.
 The next is just a snapshot from a disposable camera, but I L-O-V-E this picture.  It completely captures everything we love about snowboarding.  New goal: we will go snowboarding next winter (2012-2013).

 And finally, a totally meaningless "filler" frame.  Something about it kind of reminds me of an old tube television.

What have you been working on lately?  Did watching The Crocodile Hunter or Star Wars lead to any major milestones in your life?  Have you ever memorized not only the words but also the drum solo to "Youth of the Nation"?  What's your favorite vacation activity?



  1. Love the frames and the sentimentalness (if that's a word) to it all. I am surprised The Princess Bride was not any there anywhere. Oh, I'm sure you know, But Jeff was a match maker with us too. :)

  2. I do have plans for The Princess Bride. [said as she twirls her imaginary villain mustache]

    This is why I shouldn't respond to comments after 10PM. Good night.