Friday, November 18, 2011

Preview- Our "Christmas" Pictures

Cristina Murphy, the amazingly talented lady behind Snapshotz Photography, was kind enough to deal with me, Patrick, Madison, and Bella on Sunday afternoon.  As it turns out, Bella is not the most photogenic lass(ie) that ever was.  She finished out the photo shoot in the car with the windows cracked.  Of course, by those standards, I should probably have crawled into the shotgun seat with her, but I don't think Pat would have let me off that easily. 

One of the really cool things about Cristina is that she gives you full rights to all your photos.  Meaning you pay (not much) for a session fee, and then you can make as many prints as you want for whatever the going rate is at CVS (or Walgreens, Walmart, or wherever else you may choose to have your pics printed).  So we'll be able to make our Christmas cards for CHEAP!

I fully intended to give a little effort for these photos.  You know, brush my hair, touch up my makeup, look in a mirror, the works.  Unfortunately, Sunday was insane, so that wasn't a possibility.  I was, however, able to put on pants.  You're welcome.  Thankfully, Cristina was kind enough to let me know when there was hair in my face or if Madi's bottles(if you know what I mean) were hanging out. Oh, and Madison was having a hair crisis that day.  Like mother, like daughter!

So, with all my excuses firmly in place, I now grant you full permission to go check out our pictures.  Oh, and make sure to look closely at the one of Patrick kissing me-yeah, we totally missed.  We've only been practicing our technique for 9 1/2 years; maybe in another 9 1/2 we'll actually have lip to lip contact. : ) 

Happy Friday!

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