Thursday, September 29, 2011

House Tour: The Nursery

Madison's nursery is, by far, the most completed room in our house.  It still lacks a few of those finishing touches, yet I'm pretty proud of where it is right now
It all started with this rug from Target:
I found it online, and was so excited to design Madison's nursery around it.  The hostesses for the shower my family was throwing us planned to buy it.  But before that could happen, Target sold out!  I was sooooo disappointed.  I had convinced myself that this was THE rug, and that nothing would be the same without it.  Well, it was true; it's not the same, it's BETTER!  I think the rug I settled on from Overstock(or the O, or, or whatever they're trying to recreate themselves as this time) is waaaayyyyy better in quality, style, and function.  Based on reviews, I'm pretty sure it's better in smell, too.

One of the things I really appreciated about the new rug was that, thanks to the pink and butterflies, it allowed me to go a little more "girly" in the details.  These mobiles are a (not quite as good, but still fun) knock-off of a project that John and Sherry (who else?) did for their little girl's nursery:
Forgive me for the following picture: despite all appearances, the room is not slanting.  That would be the photographer.  Pat and I made the valance, and the curtains are blackout, which is great for nap time(s). 
Madison loves to crane her neck to see the pier one print above her changing table.  The fan, strangely enough, is one of my favorite things in the room.  I plan to steal it from her one day.  The fun lamp is from IKEA.  I love that place.
You already know all about the table and (soon to be) frame wall.  The glider, surprisingly enough (to me, anyway) gets hardly any use.  Madison just doesn't appreciate rocking gliding.  Maybe it'll be good for kid #2.  Not that we're in any hurry.  Don't start a bump watch just yet; anything you see on my midsection right now is most likely the result of my foray into the baking world.
This is one of the few to-do's in the nursery.  One of the drawer pulls came off a while back (two months, but who's counting), and we have yet to twist it back on.  Unfortunately, this is the wipes drawer, so I slice my fingers (not enough to draw blood, just enough to irritate the skin) on those threads on an almost daily basis.  Kinda like the proverbial howling dog on the porch that won't get off the nail. 
And because I think it's important to close on a good note, I'll leave you with this shot of Madison's diaper pail.  We considered the other route (you know, the Schmiaper Shmenie?), but decided we'd rather not have to buy specialty bags along with diapers and wipes.  I also thought the big plastic trash can was kinda ugly, and the few times I've been around said Schmiaper Shmenies, there was a distinctive diaper odor, anyway.  Instead, we just found a trash can with a lid at IKEA.  We dump a generous portion of baking soda in each new bag, and sprinkle in a little extra when depositing diapers that hold a little extra, if you know what I mean.  It usually looks better than this, but our Walmart doesn't sell medium trash can liners, so we're stuck with the too big tall ones until we get to Kroger.  In my opinion, it doesn't stink at all, but since I live here and may have acclimated to any smell, I can't be 100% sure. 

Our Nursery To-Do's:
  • Reattach the drawer pull for the changing table
  • Fill out the frame wall
  • Iron (or toss in the dryer if I'm feeling lazy) the curtains
  • Find a basket to set underneath the side table for extra toys/books/blankets
That's pretty much it!  Have you ever been disappointed not to get one item, only to find something much better?  What do you do with your diapers?  Is there any two-minute project around your house that you keep putting off (like the drawer pull)?


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  1. I confess to tons of two minute projects that need to be done:) Love the nursery, so sweet and original; and girly. And it is great when a forced change turns out to be so much better. Keep going girl! dorothy