The Philpots: How it all began!

This is a picture of Patrick and me shortly (okay, about ten years) before we married.  He's the jumping bean, and I'm the redhead in the denim dress looking at him like he's crazy.  We didn't actually get to know each other until I got into the youth group at church(seventh grade).  I didn't get a horrible crush on him until probably freshman year... 

Yeah, he's totally into me.  :)  Actually, he really was!  We started dating the following summer(which made me fourteen and him seventeen).  I was shocked...I never thought someone that cool would actually like me!  I mean, he had a truck and everything! 

Three years later...

Wow, this picture totally makes me look like a cradle robber.  The funny thing is I'm seventeen here, and he's twenty!  Who's robbing cradles, now?

After a couple of years of renting, we found this place, and it spoke to us!  It said, "come buy me; you can make me beautiful with practically no money, and in no time at all!"  It lied.  But time heals most wounds, and we've come to forgive the house for the prevarication, and have decided to try again to make it beautiful.  You know, and actually spend money and time on it.

Around this time, something kicked in, deep in my soul (or maybe my hormones), that made me need to have a baby.  It didn't matter to me that with Pat running his own construction business we had a completely unstable income, or that our marriage at the time was rough even without the stress of children.  I wanted a baby, and I wanted one NOW! 

Thankfully, Pat saw the wisdom in stabilizing our finances and our marriage before bringing a child into our world.  I don't even want to imagine what having a baby back then would have been like.  But as we worked to be "ready" to have kids, we started to realize that "ready" is a moving target.  We saw that there would always be ways to be more prepared.  And so, with baby fever once again raging, this happened...

Well actually, I was pregnant for 282 days first, but who's counting?

We love this little girl.  She has such a BIG personality!  She shows us a little more of it every day.  Did I mention we love her?  Because we do.


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