Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twice as Nice

 Shopping is something I tend to avoid, probably because it occasionally ends in spending money.  Which, in my book, is rarely a good idea.  That being said, shopping (at least window shopping) sometimes becomes irresistible to me.  For example, last week I was waiting for my mom in her accountant's parking lot.  I looked to my left, and behold! 
 Assorted furniture and accessories for my viewing pleasure.  I saw something (not pictured) that caught my eye, so I waited for Mom to get back to the car to be with my sleeping Madi and then went to investigate.  I prepared myself for disappointment on the way, reminding myself that my idea of a good deal is typically about half (sometimes even less) of a retailer's idea of a good deal.  So when I saw the price on these (gonna-be) beauties, I was more than a little excited.
Unfortunately, I had no cash on hand.  I also have a "sleep on it" policy for all non-grocery purchases.  Although I was certain they would be gone the following day, I did the sensible (to me, anyway) thing and went home to try to forget about them. 

The next morning, I took Madison for our jog/walk.  On my way home (and probably smelling like a wet dog), I couldn't resist checking to see if the lamps were still there.  Amazingly, they hadn't been sold!  I spoke with one of the owners, who told me he'd be glad to hold them for me.  I decided the polite thing to do would be to shower before returning, so a few hours later (I had to wait for Madison to take a nap) I returned with the money.  "How much," you might ask?  $15.  For both.  Total.  Yeah, I was surprised, too.

While I was there, I looked around the rest of the shop.  They really do have a little bit of everything.  All the furniture is what caught my eye, but they also had a big selection of gifts, Christmas decor, collectables, and even clothing!  I was tempted to bring this mirror home with me, too, but I'm too tall.  Or maybe it's too short.  But I should probably take the blame.  : )
 They also had a lot of nice antique furniture (read: out of my price range).
 Since this is kind of reading like an ad or infomercial, I should probably tell you that I'm not getting paid or anything crazy like that.  (Why would they pay me, anyway?)  I just write about what I like.  And I like this store.  Especially since Pat can now stop reading by the light of his flashlight at night. 
 I've got plans for those lamps.  I love their size (they're BIG), and they've got great texture.  I think with a few coats of spray paint they'll be perfect for our room.

Am I the only girl that hates to shop?  Do you ever get buyer's remorse after purchasing small things like lip balm, gum, or Old Navy flip flops?  Have you ever "slept on" a $15 purchase?



  1. my rule is: don't buy unless you are 100% certain you know where it is going in the house. Or: don't buy it if you can live without it.

  2. i typically shop with a purpose. I look at tons of sites on the internet before I officially know what I want. I don't like shopping just to shop, that's when I buy nothing or go nuts! :)

  3. I have huge buyers remorse problem. I need to implement a "sleep on" policy. i try the can't live without it, but i think i can't live without it till i get home. luckily, i pretty much hate shopping because it means i have to give someone my small amount of money.