Monday, June 17, 2013

Living Room Mood Board

I am sooo excited about our new house that I can't stop dreaming about how we'll decorate every space.  I've been pinning everything I like to specific boards for each room in the house so I could see all the elements together at a glance.  The problem is, my living room board got so full that I had to scroll...not good!

So I did what any obsessed (and pre-nesting)  new homeowner would do: I made my very first mood board!  Some of the items (the sofa, chair, ottomans, and possibly the pendant) are something that I definitely plan to have in the space eventually, but most are placeholders for (hopefully less expensive) future thrift finds/DIY projects.

  1. Winslow Decorative Wall Mirror- $81.99- found here
  2. Existing Fireplace- (similar)
  3. Threshold Mission Log Basket- $34.99- Target found here
  4. Avington Upholstered Slipper Chair- $169.99- Target found here
  5. Existing Floors
  6. Threshold Brass Gorilla- $9.99- Target found here
  7. Console Table- $129.99- Target found here
  8. Navy Geometric Rug- $329.99- Overstock found here
  9. Wire Globe Pendant- $99.99- Shades of Light found here
  10. Curtains- $32.99- Target found here
  11. Karlstad Sofa- $499- IKEA found here
  12. Navy check fabric for pillow(s)- $8.99/yd- IKEA
  13. Green Pillow- $25- Etsy found here
  14. Storage Ottomans- $44.99- Target found here
  15. White Tray- $9.99- IKEAfound here
  16. Paint Color- Benjamin Moore Moonshine
Making the moodboard was more time consuming, but also easier, than I expected.  I saved all the images to one folder, used Picasa (collages) to edit and arrange them, and added the number labels in GIMP (another free, but not very user-friendly image editing software).

The hardest part of the whole thing?  Without a doubt, that would be leaving my debit card safely tucked away in my wallet.  My inner cheapskate always seems to get a bit anemic when I'm pregnant, and Patrick has always been horribly indulgent; if I don't tell myself no, the answer is yes!  So far, aside from the floors and the mantle, this all belongs to me only in my dreams.  Considering how much overtime Patrick's been pulling to get cash together for closing, let's hope we can keep it that way for at least four more weeks!

Happy Monday!


  1. Jonathan is the same way! He always says yes so I have to be the realistic one!

  2. Ben and I are the opposite. I tell myself that it's okay to go a little crazy because we're both finally out of school, but Ben is more practical and talks me into saving money for a future house/emergency fund.

  3. Oh and I love your mood board!