Thursday, November 3, 2011

As You Wish

 What a lot of people don't know about Patrick and me is that we had a wedding date before he ever proposed.  We had been talking about marriage for, well forever, and had already decided on the early summer of 2005.  We even reserved the church before the proposal!  Maybe that initiated the pregnancy rumors...or it could have been the two month engagement, the fact that I was 17, or the freshman 15 8 around my middle.

In any case, Pat knew he would have to be creative if he wanted me to be at all surprised by his official proposal.  Enter Jeff, our youth minister/matchmaker/friend.  Mutt Pat and Jeff brainstormed together and came up with the idea of using one of Pat's and my favorite movies, The Princess Bride, for the proposal.  They made a copy of a Blockbuster rental (which is probably completely illegal, so don't tell anyone), then stopped the tape(DVD, actually) at the point where the bratty kid interrupts the story to ask his grandfather if it's a kissing book.  That's where they cut in a video of Patrick telling me he had something to ask me.

After work one Saturday, Pat asked me if I would like to hang out and watch a movie.  Of course I did!  He cooked (out of a box, anyway) beef stroganoff,  which was totally normal for us at that point.  What wasn't normal was that he insisted on eating before we started the movie.  I resisted, because I always prefer to read a book or watch TV while I eat.  He won (for once), and we ate in the dining room, Pat trying to slow me down as I scarfed down my meal.  I impatiently waited for him to finish so we could start the movie, having no idea why he was even slower than usual!

Eventually, Pat finished his stroganoff and agreed to start the movie.  Poor guy, he must have been so nervous knowing that once we popped the movie in, the timer started counting down.  No backing out now!  Needless to say, I was confused, then surprised, then excited when our movie stopped about five minutes in.

And that is why The Princess Bride is such a special movie to us.  I knew I wanted to reference it in some way on the frame wall, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I just had to make it my own.
Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

For anyone who isn't familiar with the movie, my deepest apologies.  Netflix it tonight, unless you cancelled your subscription like we did.  : /  In the meantime, you should know that "As you wish" is a famous line from the movie that the hero uses in lieu of "I love you".  It's very romantic cheesy.

I didn't want to just print it off; I wanted it to feel very homemade and special.  Then I remembered a small project I saw over on YHL a few weeks ago:

Sherry just used a marker to draw "x"s in the shape she wanted, so it would somewhat resemble a cross-stitched piece.  I decided that this just might be perfect!  Wanting to keep it simple, I just grabbed a sheet of paper off our printer and started drawing some "x"s with a black ballpoint pen, to get the layout the way I wanted it.  I ended up liking the look of double rows.  You may or may not be able to tell from this picture, but I also toyed with the idea of using "k"s and "p"s, then decided to stick with my "x"s.  I outlined the basic shapes with a bright Sharpie so I could use this as a template, then put a new sheet of paper over the top and got to drawing.
I did one layer with ballpoint pen, then went over that with a red-orange sharpie for "AS YOU" and a blue-green one for "WISH".  Somehow, these pictures read more red and blue on my monitor, but I promise it looks much less patriotic in person.  Not that patriotism is a bad thing, it's just not what I was going for here.
As much as I liked the "finished" product, I knew it wouldn't look very nice without a pretty substantial mat.  I didn't have any spare mats, so I made one using cardboard and some fabric left over from my large frame project.  I used the book I was reading at the time (is it bad that I can't remember what it was, even though it was less than a week ago and I have a picture of the back?) to mark a rectangle on the cardboard, then cut it out with a box cutter.  Patrick, for some reason, doesn't like for me to "play" with those things.  Maybe it's because when I first started to cut the cardboard, I was using my lap as the solid surface, and I didn't see anything wrong with that until I felt the pressure of the blade?  I wonder if they offer workman's comp for bloggers. 
After cutting the rectangle out, I glued the fabric onto my cardboard.  I made sure to make it pretty tight to avoid wrinkles on the front.
Next, I cut an "x" across the opening and glued each flap onto the back of the mat, again making sure to pull it nice and tight.
After all that tugging, I expected a smooth finish on the front.  Instead, I saw this big fat wrinkle.  I started to work on pulling it tighter, but then Madison woke up, so I decided it wasn't that bad after all.
I taped my "art" onto the back of the mat:
Yes, I realize it's upside down.  No, I'm not willing to flip it and then upload it again.  Sorry!

Here it is all finished.  I think this is my new favorite, and it took me all of twenty minutes, glue drying time included!
I would love to hear your engagement story.  Or, if you're not married, what would be your dream proposal?



  1. This is sooo cute!


  2. This is so sweet! I have no engagement story-so if ya'll have some single guy friend send him my way lol

  3. How cute. my husband and i also had our wedding day scheduled before the proposal. he wanted to ask me so much earlier, but i told him not to because i wanted to go to school and focus on that. so when i finished school and we decided to move to cali for me to continue going to school we decided we wanted to get married before we left. (this gave us a 3 month window) we just so happened to stubble upon a beautiful ring and buy it. i thought because we bought the ring and were planning that the proposal was going to get skipped and i was sad about this. The ring ended up coming in early and kelly did not tell me so that night he asked me to go for a walk. this is quite normal we walk alot and he led us back to the house. (The house is this house that was being build in newport that we all used to hang out/ play in. we became friends the summer that we all had this awesome house to play in) there he proposed. i had no idea! i was shocked and surprised. it was awesome. side story that he does not like me sharing so shhh don't tell. on the walk there. a copper head jumped out and struck at us. it was a good size one and kelly "saved" me from it by being very manly pulling his pocket knife out and killing the giant evil snake. (PS i have a huge phobia of snakes).

  4. Amanda, that is so sweet! Lucky girl- lots of guys would have just figured they didn't have to worry about a proposal. :) And the copper head part is probably the worst thing I've ever heard. Seriously, I think I'm having palpitations (she says with a thick Jewish accent while pulling curlers from her hair).