Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kind of Like a Visit to the Optometrist.

 What is your least favorite part of getting an eye exam?  Is it the waiting room?  That blasted(pun intended) machine that blows in your eye?  The lecture for not replacing your lenses often enough?  Jeesh, sorry!  I didn't know that "disposable" means you shouldn't keep them for over a year.  Get over it, already!  If I'm being honest about it, which I am, my last visit to the optometrist was Christmas Eve eve.  The only reason I went then was that my last contact lens ripped in half that day, and I couldn't get the stupid scotch tape to hold it together.  Just kidding-sort of.  Anyway, my friendly optometrist gave me two samples for each eye, along with my prescription.  By my calculations, I should have been able to make it through Madison's first day of kindergarten before filling the prescription.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  I tore the last sample lens last Friday.  So now I'm stuck with my stupid glasses until my prescription comes.  

Where was I going with that titillating story?  Oh yeah, I hate going to the optometrist.  My least favorite part is when they try to trip you up with that "A" or "B" garbage.  They're practically identical!  I actually had a guy tell me once, "But earlier you said "B" was better.  Why did you change your mind?"  Yeah, I didn't go back to him.  Jerk.  And since I've never been good at applying the golden rule, I decided to subject treat my lovely readers  to the experience.  Without further ado, which is better?

Okay, maybe just a little more "ado".  I do realize the lighting on these pictures is terrible.  However, natural light is not a possibility in our hallway, and I promise the flash looked even worse than the overhead light.  So again, which is better?

 or B:
 again, A:
 or B:
Here's B from one more angle.  
In case you missed earlier posts and are wondering why the heck I have newspaper taped to the wall in my hallway, take a look here, here, here, and then here for good measure.  Or if you don't feel like it, I could just tell you.  The newspaper cutouts are place holders for identically similarly shaped frames and wall decor.  I stole the idea from YHL.  The idea is to get placement nailed down before actually nailing down placement.  Huh?  Let's try that again.  The idea is to figure out exactly where everything goes before hanging anything, so as to put as few nails in the wall as necessary.  Whatever.  If you still don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay; neither do I.  I'm still recovering from night before last.

I've been rearranging the newspaper for about three weeks now, and I'm still not "in love" with any of the arrangements.  I have, however, finished reading the top middle article, sideways though it may be.  Maybe that's why my neck was hurting last week!
But I digress.  Again.  What I need from you guys is HONEST opinions.  If you like "A" or "B", please tell me which.  If you hate them both but have suggestions for how to make the wall look better, give me those suggestions!  If you think this is a stupid idea and I should just scratch the project altogether, well, keep that one to yourself.  I need all the encouragement I can get! 



  1. I like B. Hah. I think it makes the hall look longer. :) I'm sure these conflicting comments are so helpful.

  2. lol. This is EXACTLY the problem I have at the eye doctor! Thanks, ladies.

  3. I like A. I have been wondering about those Command picture hangers where you don't have to put any holes in the walls. I haven't ever used them, but it seems like a good idea.

  4. Christie- Command strips are pretty great! I'm using one right now to hold Madison's "M" wreath on her crib. Of course, that's gonna have to come down when she gets a little more mobile, but it works really well for now. My only concern about using them in the hallway is that a lot of the things I'm hanging are HEAVY!

  5. I like "B". :)

  6. I'm starting to think you guys are just toying with me...

  7. i like b. i also think it makes the hallway look a lot longer. See b has a reason why it is better and now i broke the tie. at least for now. haha :)

    btw. i hate hate the blaster at the eye doctor. and wish i could make my prescription last that long! instead of ripping my contacts my eyes seem to get worse by the month. i have a new prescription each time i go to the blaster/that nice lady that makes me choose a or b :)