Thursday, November 10, 2011


That's it!  Just one.  We put her down a little early (6:15) last night, because her schedule was kind of weird yesterday and she was tired earlier than usual.  In what I thought was a bad start to a bad night, she started crying at around 7:30.  With my puppy-dog eyes, I asked Patrick to do "this one" since I would be up all night doing "the others".  I expected him to be gone about twenty minutes, so I was planning to pay close attention to Survivor in order to give him the summary when he returned.  But then he came back before the commercial was over! 

He said he picked her up, held her close, then put her down.  And then she rolled on her side and started babbling to herself.  I think he picked her up, dosed her with Benadryl, then put her down.  (Please don't call CPS; I am joking.  We never give her Benadryl 'til after midnight.  [Again, kidding.  This is why I shouldn't write posts before 6 o'clock.])  By the way, did I do those parentheses correctly?  For the life of me, I cannot remember what (if anything) you're supposed to change when you have parentheses within parentheses.

Anyway, that was the only time we had to go to her last night.  That means Monday night had 61 pick-ups,  Tuesday night  had 64 or 41, depending on how you look at it, and last night had 1.  I'd say that's a pretty big improvement, wouldn't you?

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you that she did still wake me up a few times last night.  I heard her whining/talking/yelling, but never crying.  Every time I thought she was about to work herself up to crying, I would hear her soothing herself.  It was the sweetest thing!  Well, I thought it was the sweetest thing until I started writing this paragraph and tried to come up with a way to describe it.  The first comparison I thought of was one of those Gollum/Smeagol scenes in Lord of the Rings!  Still, I think I'll stick with thinking of it as sweet.  Although she has been known to bear a slight resemblance...

No, she's much too chunky to be confused with Smeagol.  She's got the posture down pat, though!

I'm not calling our sleep training "done" quite yet; one good night does not a good night-sleeper make!  But I am praying that it sticks.  It kind of seems too good to be true, but I guess God can probably make it happen if he wants. : )



  1. ha! you get a good night and out of NOWHERE Georgia wakes up at 2am last night talking to herself/playing/trying to crawl in her crib...she finally fell back to sleep at 4! YIKES!!! Let's pray that DOES NOT stick in this house.

  2. Good job Madi!! Mommy and Daddy did need some sleep. What a sweet girl!

  3. Oh no, Emily! This time it's my turn to pray for you! :(

  4. Actually, my ELA lesson this week was on parentheses, brackets, and ellipses... (no pun intended on the ellipses)

    If you really want to know how they are used I can tell you, but I have a feeling that question was rhetorical? lol

  5. Um, actually I do really want to know. Please share!

  6. So parentheses are used when you are just adding extra information such as The book Jane Eyre (my favorite) is a classic.. Brackets are to clarify meaning in a quote, like " He [John Smith] was an explorer", said Tommy. To put parentheses within each other you just add a parentheses like this (( )).