Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Update on the Pumpkin-Eater

Actually, she hasn't tried pumpkin yet.  We do have some squash for later this week, though. : )

One of the nurses in the hospital took to calling her "punkin", and somehow I got in the habit.  Strangely enough, I alternate between calling her "punkin" and "punkin eater".  Every time I make the switch, her Daddy reminds her that cannibalism is not acceptable.

Two weeks ago, I decided enough was enough when it came to Madison's poor nighttime sleep habits.  While researching solutions online, I came across what sounded like a crazy method to teach her to soothe herself.  I resolved, for the first three nights, to try the method, which involved picking her up every time she cried, then immediately putting her back down into her crib.  I planned to evaluate it after the third night.  In all honesty, I expected it to fail.  Two weeks later, I'm about thisclose to calling it a miracle.

She still wakes up probably as much as before the "training", but now instead of cries, we hear her soothing herself with little coos.  It definitely didn't work overnight, and there have been some exceptions.  Like when Pat's mom stayed the night with us.  Ms. Dorothy, I'm sorry you had to share a wall with my little screamer!  She also still occasionally gets gas at night, and we have to give her mylicon, but then she settles right back down.

In other news, today Madison is five months old!  She sits up really well, she can grab anything in reach, and she insists on feeding herself.  Sometimes she gets the spoon in her mouth better than I can!  She still refuses to roll over anymore; I think she's decided that would only encourage me to keep doing tummy time.  Don't worry- I still have more red hair than she does.  I fully intend to win this little stand-off. 

Regardless of how rough her day has been, she always has big smiles for Daddy when he gets home.  She loves to pet Bella, and grins ear to ear every time Bella shakes.  Nana (my mom) insists that yesterday in the car she identified her nose when prompted.  I'm (more than) a little skeptical.

She threw her first fit on Sunday.  She really wanted to get a smiley faced sun off of one of her toys, and it wouldn't come off.  Probably because it's not supposed to.  First she started throwing her arms frenetically, then she tried and failed one more time.  Real tears and loud sobs ensued.  Mommy put the mean toy in time out.

We've been using baby signs since she was born, and she recognizes "milk" and "eat" already.  Sometimes while she's nursing, she'll continuously sign "milk", but she has still never used the sign to ask for milk.  She doesn't even notice when we sign "Mommy" or "Daddy", but I guess she's got her priorities.  : )

I don't have her five month picture yet, because hallelujah she is still asleep, but I will definitely share tomorrow!

What nicknames do you use for your kids or loved ones?

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  1. We have WAY too many nicknames! G, GiGi, Georgie, Georgie Porgie, Love Bug, Sweet P, Peach, and Peachy. I think that is most of them. I also call her "sweet girl" a lot. As is, "there's my sweet girl!" but I'm not really sure that counts :) The fit cracked me up. Georgia has had a few and they always make me laugh, though I'm sure that won't be the case forever ;)