Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stranger Danger

The following describes mine and Madison's typical encounter with a stranger in Walmart:

Stranger: "Awe, look at that all of that pretty red hair."
Me: "Thanks!", trying to squeeze our cart past theirs in the never quite wide enough aisle.
Stranger: "I bet you had a lot of heart burn, didn't you?"
Me: "Ha ha, not really.  I figured she was going to be bald" (said from rote; I've repeated this phrase probably 37 bajillion times)
Stranger: "Where do you think she got the red hair from?"
Me: "Umph" (that pesky cart still won't quite fit), "We haven't been able to figure it out!  I guess you never know, huh?"
Stranger: in baby voice "Where did you get that red hair, huh?"
Me: "Well, have a good day!"
Stranger: "You, too!  Anyway, what's her name?"

But that's okay; I've got a plan for our next stranger encounter.  It's gonna go something like this:

Stranger: "Awe, look at that pretty red hair."
Me: smiling apologetically, "No hablo ingles."

Have a good day!

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