Sunday, August 21, 2011

House Tour: The Hallway

Since our house has less than 1100 square feet, it's kind of crucial to make the most out of every inch.  That's why I'd like our hallway to be more than just a passage between rooms; I'm shooting for a beautiful passage between rooms.  And let me tell you, we have got a ways to go! 

This is a shot of the hallway as seen from the living room, guest starring Bella:

 From the kitchen:

  The "back" of the hallway.  To the left our bedroom is and to the right our office/guest bedroom will be, young Skywalker.
 The trapdoor to the attic.  Note the yummy tar-stained pull.  Mmm, mmm good!  The surgeon general could use this as a warning to smokers!
So the to do list for the hallway is pretty basic.  Here we go:
- Finish painting trim
- Get paint (!!!) off our hardwood floors
- Replace nasty attic pull.
- Buy runner for the hallway- I'm not totally sold on this looks-wise, but I hate the idea of Madi having to crawl on those hard, (gonna be) cold floors.
and, my favorite...
- "Wallpaper" this wall with frames a la young house love!  
Can you find Madi in this shot?
I'd love to hear what you think!  Have we left anything out? Do you have any tips for getting the paint off without re-refinishing our floors?  Have you ever covered a wall in frames?  Have you ever had to choose between comfort for your baby and style for your house? Do you ever lapse into Yoda-speak without meaning to?



  1. I just recently saw the old Star Wars so I haven't even met Yoda yet! Hah. I like you hallway plans and would really love to visit you guys. we need to get together and see Madi!!

  2. Oh, just come over anytime! Maybe she'll be a little nicer this time around. :)

  3. I just want everyone to know that the nicotine tar attic doorway pull did not get that way from Kelli and Patrick. They are both non-smokers!! They bought the house from someone that was a very heavy smoker. They had to replace all of the duct work, paint entire house, etc. Mom

  4. Thanks for clarifying, Mom! It never occurred to me that anyone would think we had smoked in the house, or at all! :)