Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(A Very Late) Weekend in Review, Part One

Saturday was one of those busy days that I dread in advance, but enjoy all the way through.  I've been too lazy to write this post before today; I didn't feel like uploading the pictures!  This lack of sleep has been killing me.

Since last Wednesday, Madison has been waking up at least twice a night to eat.  It's usually three, and once it was FOUR times!  She went to her four month well visit yesterday, and I asked for suggestions to help her sleep better.  Madison's doctor doesn't think she's waking up hungry or uncomfortable; instead, she thinks it's just another manifestation of her separation anxiety.  Apparently, she was waking up this often before and just falling back asleep.  Now when she wakes up, she realizes that "Mommy is not here," and that's why she cries.

Her doctor suggested not feeding her every time, because she's most likely not hungry and we will start bad habits.  I tried it last night, and it did not go so well.  After fifteen minutes of steady crying while I/Patrick walked, sang, rocked, bounced, and swayed her, I gave in and fed her.  Poor baby.

Anyway, after that awful experience, she did manage to sleep for six and a half hours before waking again, so with my new store of energy, I decided to finally upload these stinking pictures.  How's that for awkwardly meandering back to the original topic?

Saturday morning, Pat was coming off of his night schedule, so I let him sleep in until 11:30, which gave him roughly seven hours of sleep.  While Madi and I were (not so) quietly waiting for him to wake up, I gave her a bath and then took her four month picture.  Every month we take a picture with her "sitting" in her glider.  It is a LOT more difficult/dangerous for her to sit here now that she can "sit up" by herself.  She (obviously) can't sit by herself, but she can sit up (by that I mean lunge herself forward from a reclined position).  So I was looking at her instead of the camera, ready to jump forward and catch her when she made a break for it.  I had to catch her three times.

This is how I put her in the chair:
I LOVE the look on her face!
 This is what she did almost immediately.  Bad for three reasons.
1) She covered up the "4".
2) Danger from leaning against the glass in the frame.
3) Danger from falling off the chair.

 This is the picture I chose for her album.
 Wow, this post is getting long, fast; we're only up to about 11:00 on Saturday morning!  I think I'll call this part one and give you guys (and myself) a break.

What death-defying stunts have you made your four-month-old do in the name of a good picture?  Yeah, I'm probably not gonna get much of a response from that one.  If you want, instead you can tell me how bad of a parent I am for doing this.  But if it makes you feel any better, I will be replacing the glass in the frame with plexiglass before her five month pictures.  That was just too scary!



  1. She is so stinkin adorable! I love the red hair!! I want another one!!! Shh! Don't tell Chris : )

  2. With the seperation thing maybe y'all should try leaving her with a sitter more often or the nursery at church...maybe that would help??? Any kind of bad sleep habit with Georgia has taken one REALLY TOUGH night of us letting her cry it out and after about 30 minutes of her crying in her crib or longer she usually falls asleep and then it's done with. Honestly, her crying doesn't get to me anymore. After dealing with colic for the first 7 weeks of her life with her crying every night from 7-11...I can listen to her cry for awhile now. Someone once told me that as long as the child's physical needs are met then they can cry it out. It was so freeing to hear that...for me at least.

  3. Your doing so well keeping up with her pictures - too adorable.

    What type of hours is Pat having to work? Are you all going to be able to go to the party on Nov. 5, I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone!!

  4. Emily- I'm still not ready for "cry it out" all the way, but I did let her cry with me there next to her last night. I comforted her in every way but the one she wanted. :( After about forty-five minutes, she did go back to sleep! It was rough, but I think I'm gonna have to keep it up.

  5. Anonymous (I cant tell if you are Becky, Christie, or Gma)- thanks! We will definitely all three be at the party. This was the first time Pat had to work nights since we've had Madison. Most of the time he's strictly M-F 6:30-4:00.

  6. Oh good!!! for both, Pat not on some full night shift and ya'll coming to the party. This is Grandma byw, not sure how to get my name up front; help.

  7. Experimenting, okay I tried to put my name in, what does URL mean? It said URL ends with an invalid top-level domain name - educate me please. I had put in dorothy, Grandma

  8. Hmm. I'm kind of terrible at this stuff, myself. Let me experiment a little and get back to you!

  9. Okay. It looks like this is how it works:

    1)click on the drop-down menu next to "Comment as:" (It's underneath the comment box)
    2)select "Name/URL"
    3)type your name in the "Name" box, and leave "URL" blank.
    4)write your desired comment, then click "Post Comment"

    I THINK that will work. If not, ??

  10. Okay, I'll give it a try