Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Miscellany Monday

I've linked up over here today!

1.  Butter is a lot harder than margarine to cream.  Which probably makes it doubly good for me.  More calories spent preparing sinful treats+ less trans fat = I should probably stick with butter.

2.  Patrick's birthday is Wednesday.  He'll be twenty-seven.  And yes, I had to do math to figure that out, not that that is any of your concern, thank you very much.

3.  We put Madison in her ExerSaucer for the first time Saturday.  She loved it from the very beginning.  Now she's a regular super hero in it!

4.  Girls are better than guys at spades.  That is all.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I loved reading about you! My husband and I met when we were 14. We had to wait a little longer to get married - but were "promised" to each other when I was 17. My parents made us wait until after college. We have a little girl too.

  2. Awe, thanks! Even though I'm one of them, I'm always amazed to hear about people that met so young and stayed together for so long.