Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Learnings

I.  I learned a new mathematical principle this week: 3+3+3+3 < 9+3.  At least when it comes to hours slept.

II.  It's much more gratifying (and much less fatifying) to bake when you have more than two people to enjoy the fruits cakes of your labor.

III.  Putting on even just a little bit of makeup can help combat the blues.

IV.  Baby squeals are some of the best sounds in the world.  Baby squawks make me want to hide under the pillow.

V.  Having a baby changes everything, even the way you view mosquito bites.  Now when I get bitten, instead of being irritated, I'm grateful it was me instead of Madison.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sweet! I agree with all the above! Somehow the short naps never add up to a full night's sleep! I'd rather cook for a crowd. I guess when we are empty nesters I'll have to buy all new cookware - small size!

  2. I agree..having babies change the way you view everything! I have 2 lil ones of my own. found you on the linky.
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  3. Just in case she does get bit by one of those pests, we've discovered that Benadryl Gel is great for reducing the swelling and calming the itching. You just rub it on the bite. It says to check with your doc before using on kiddos under age 2, though. Auntie V