Friday, October 28, 2011

Burp the Baby!!!

Ashley from Cherished Bliss made me laugh out loud with her comment on Tuesday's post.  If you missed her story, you should totally go back and read it.  Sooo funny!

I can totally see Patrick and me doing the same thing.  Once, probably less than a week after bringing Madison home, I (partially) woke up after dreaming about feeding her.  She was asleep in her bassinet, but I knew I needed to burp her because she had "just eaten".  I was afraid to pick her up because I was so tired I thought I might drop her, so instead I shook Patrick awake and frantically whispered to him that he needed to "burp the baby".  Ha!  I didn't even use her name; she was just "the baby".

Patrick stumbled around the bed to Madison's bassinet, started to reach in to pick her up, then realized he was about to pick up a sleeping newborn.  Something about that didn't seem quite right to him.  He stood there, confused, then finally asked me, "Why do I need to burp her?  She's sleeping."  I told him very emphatically that she needed to burp because she had just eaten.  He asked why I didn't burp her before I put her down, and I, very irritated at this point, pointed out that she had been in her bassinet for two hours, so how was I supposed to burp her?

At this point, Patrick's brain was almost up to 75% power, so he was able to see what was wrong with my reasoning.  I, however, needed a bit of an explanation before I could go back to sleep.

What's the craziest thing you or your loved ones have done in your/their sleep state?


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