Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Fall!

 I'm sooo excited to say "goodbye" to summer.  Now if only the temperature would get the memo, I'd be a happy camper!

The first day of fall has me thinking about traditions.  Pat and I have never been big on traditions before, but I'd like to change that now that we have Madison.  I want her to have special events and activities to look forward to while she's growing up; I think starting a few good traditions will help us be sure to make great memories every year! 

So I wonder, what are your favorite fall memories from growing up?  What traditions do you share with your family now?



  1. With Georgia we're doing the church fall festival, pumpkin patch, nature walk, leaf pile photo shoot, a picnic, and carve/decorate pumpkins. (I found these on a "fall" to do list on Pinterest!) She might not really enjoy any of them this year but she will as she gets older. We have a lot for the Christmas season as well...

  2. I take John for ZooBoo and the fall festival at church s well as the pumpkin patch. We try to enjoy some time outside strolling around the park as well.

  3. Carving pumpkins is what my two little grandbabies look forward to. Auntie V