Monday, September 26, 2011

Gittin 'er Dun

Every weekend, I plan big(ger than possible) projects to do while Pat gets reacquainted with Madison.  So far, I have yet to actually complete what I set out to do over a weekend.  Part of the problem is that there are too many steps to my projects.  I usually have to prep the area, go get supplies, then come back to actually start the project.  Once you factor in feeding Madison every two to three hours (since Pat still can't lactate), making lunch, trying to exercise (usually my only chance all week), and taking Madi long enough for Pat to do his schoolwork, I typically get to about the supply stage and call it a day.

I decided Friday to try to plan ahead so I could actually complete a project.  After all, as Confucius (via the Amazing Race) said, "Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure."  Or something like that.  In the name of "previous preparation", Madi and I decided to go get project supplies Friday to eliminate a step and ensure success.

First, we went to a thrift shop run by some local churches.
Poor Madison.  It was very bright outside, but I was determined to get this picture.  It didn't help that every customer that came out (they were very busy) tried to hold the door open for us, and I had to explain that my crazy self was trying to take a picture of the closed door.  We eventually got a (semi)open eyed shot, and headed inside:
Honestly, this was the point that made me want to give up.  Can you read the sign in the background?  "ABSOLUTELY NO !!! TROLLERS."  I assumed strollers were unacceptable, as well.  This is where the photo gallery stops; holding Madison with one arm and my purchases with the other was almost more than I could handle.

I do need to thank my anonymous angel at this point; as I was walking away from the stroller/car seat, she stopped me and asked if I had told anyone I would be leaving the stroller there.  I asked if that was necessary, and she said, "only if you don't want it to be sold"!!!  Wow.  I never considered that.  After politely asking the cashier not to sell my travel system, Madi and I scoured the place for anything decent.  I was hoping for some matching lamp bases, but at places like this, what you hope to find is almost guaranteed to be MIA.  Sadly, such was the case on Friday.

After spending some time showing Madison the "pretty" sparkly dresses/pant suits, we headed to the back of the store, hoping to find decor or even baskets for storage.  All we came up with was three frames for the hallway. 
With tax, the three frames came out to $3.52.  After leaving the thrift shop, Madison and I headed for Walmart.  Our mission: to get spray paint and milk.  We did pretty well; we ended up leaving the store with everything we needed.  The only problem was that Madison (along with every other baby, I'm sure) is a bit of a stranger magnet.  By the time we were done shopping, even though I religiously kept myself from making eye contact with anyone, we had been stopped no less than six times for awkward, repetitive interactions with people I'd never met.  That meant that what should have been a five minute excursion turned into a thirty minute ordeal. 

The extra twenty-five minutes put Madison well beyond her typical nap time.  Thankfully, her tears turned to baby snores once I got the car going.  In all, I'd say we had a successful day.  I still didn't finish all I had planned for the weekend, but that's a story for another day.

Do you have a hard time completing your projects?  What changes have you made that helped?  Have you ever made your baby squint into the sun for a photo op?  Do you avoid making eye contact with strangers in the grocery store?



  1. Where'd my comment go? I posted one last night. Oh bother, as Pooh would say, I'll try to remember what I posted and post it again later today. For now, off to take Hannah to school.

  2. I love your sense of humor! (Pat's still not lactating) And of course, you are being modest, we know that Madi has a much stronger magnet than most:) Like the frames. dorothy

  3. I've posted two comments today (I'm behind on reading the blogs) and both of them said they would be posted after being approved. Who has to approve them? Neither of them have shown up yet, so I guess Kelli doesn't like my comments! Anyway, regarding projects not finished. I started cleaning the inside of my "new" van several weeks ago, got interrupted, and it still has one clean side and one dirty side. Oh well. Auntie V

  4. lol. No, Aunt Vira, I like your comments very much! I have the blog set up to require moderation on posts older than three days. That way they don't get covered in spam.

    I love that your van has a dirty side. ha!