Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And Another 1z Bites the Dust

Five.  That's the number this onesie is today.  And it's only noon!!  Sometimes Madison will go a few days without what I affectionately call a "blowout", but today she has messed four onsies in five hours.  I thought long and hard about leaving her in just a diaper after that last one, but thought better of it.  At least her oneseys are offering some protection for whatever surface she's on when it happens.

You may notice I'm changing the spelling of onsey every time I use it.  That's because I (along with Google, apparently) have no idea which is the right one.  And I figure I'm bound to get it right eventually. 

Has your offspring darling child ever messed four you-know-the-word's in such little time?  Do you know how to spell said you-know-the-word?  Any suggestions for getting the stains out of them?



  1. I think it is onsies, but that doesn't look right now that I typed it. Maybe it's onesies . . . ah, that looks better. LOL Who knows? :) We called them "blowouts" around here too and yes there were too many of them to count some days. Shout was my friend. You know you could just cut the bottom off of a spoiled onsie to make a hip looking baby t-shirt. ;)

  2. Good idea with the t-shirt, except for one thing: She doesn't stain the bottom, she stains the BACK!!! As in, up to her neck. I'm really not sure how she does it, but I guess practice makes perfect...

  3. Oxi clean them, you know the stuff you see on TV, well you can buy it in the store ad it works wonders. That's what I use for jh s blowouts. Good luck.