Thursday, September 1, 2011

It Took Ten Weeks, But... finally feels like Madison is part of our lives.  As opposed to being our life.  And I'm pretty sure that's a healthier place for all of us.

To celebrate her ten-week birthday(yesterday), I thought it would be fitting to share her weekly pics up to now.










I'm really glad I decided to go for this project.  It's my (very) loose take on YHL's weekly photo project for their daughter Clara.  BTW, this is the second time I've mentioned Young House Love here.  There's a simple reason for that: I think they are amazing.  If you haven't checked them out yet, you should stop reading this right now and go see what I'm talking about.  But then come back and finish reading and leave me a comment.  Go on, make my day!  No, really.  Leave me a comment.  Please.



  1. YHL was pretty cool, but I like your blog better. :) Here's a question for you, are you out of blankets yet? Madi seems to have been blessed with a wonderful assortment of blankies and a very devoted dollie. :)

  2. You're too kind. Or maybe a little biased. :)

    I actually was talking with Pat about the blanket situation yesterday...we are out of regular blankets, so now we've started on her receiving blankets. We definitely will have to figure out how to change it up in the next couple of weeks, because she only has a few receiving blankets left that will photograph decently. Oh, and EVERY blanket was a gift. We didn't buy a single one.


  3. Well, you know I read YHL, but I agree with Becky - your blog is better! I love the weekly pictures of Madison, and I know they will be a treasure for her one day. We have several girly blankets if you need to borrow some. I don't know if you are going for each one being sentimental or not, but let me know if you want some.

  4. she is such a beauty!!! the blankets are precious. and it only took 10 weeks? girl, you're good! : ) i was a hormonal mess for a long time.

  5. Thanks, Christie. That would help a lot! And some of the blankets we've already taken pics of have absolutely no sentimental value at all. "Girly" is the only requirement, and we're a little loose there, too. :)

    Carissa, thanks for the comment! I've been enjoying your blog...I found it through Emily @ Live a Charmed Life. And I'm most definitely still a hormonal mess. It's just that I'm a hormonal mess that gets to think about myself every once in a while now.

  6. This is neat, I not only get to see the sweet pictures of Madi but get to hear comments from Becky and Christie.