Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

We did have a very happy labor day.  Any day Daddy is home is a good day, but today was especially nice.  Since it was actually pretty cool out this morning, Pat, Madison, and I went to the park and jogged.  This was the first time we have jogged with Madison, other than just trying it out in front of the house.  She did really well; the vibrations and (light) jostling put her right to sleep.  As a matter of fact, when we got home, I was able to take her out of her car seat, put her in her sleep sack and into her crib, all without waking her at all.

Once she woke up (a full hour later), Pat played with her while I cleaned the house.  Pat and Madison ended up finishing the clean-up (Pat vacuumed while holding Madi in her carrier) while I finished getting myself ready (read: while I finally brushed my teeth for the day).

Our friends John and Andrew came over.  The plan was to eat some hot dogs, hang out, and play a few games of spades.  Believe it or not, everything went according to plan!!!!  That's right-Madison took 2 naps while they were here.  She was really only awake long enough to show them how cute she is, and then she went right back down!

Pat and I had such a good time being our old selves with our old friends.  Okay, only one of them is old(you know who you are, *cough-Andrew).  I'm very grateful for such a nice ending to a pretty great three-day weekend.  Oh, and BTW, Andrew and I kick B*TT at spades!!  I'm just sayin'. 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Glad you had such a nice Holiday! Sounds like a lot of fun. Keep the blogs coming, I love them. dorothy/Mom/Grandma

  2. you do kick at spades, but isn't it a little unfair that you've played like all your life? :)

  3. Dorothy- Thanks!

    Cecilly- fair shmair!