Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Date Fail

I think I love Madison even more than I did a month ago. 

Last month, my mom and dad watched her for about an hour and a half while Pat and I went out to eat.  We ended up buying groceries while we were out, too.  How romantic, right? :-)  Out of the hour and a half we were gone, I actively worried about her for maybe thirty minutes.  So we had two parts pleasant date time for one part senseless anxiety.  I didn't think that was too bad; I was actually pretty impressed with myself.

Anyway, when my Aunt Cheryl volunteered to watch Madison last week, I was excited; I figured I would do even better this time, and that Pat and I could have a nice, relaxing dinner.  Wrong!  I trust my aunt implicitly with babies.  I also trust my mom, who jealously (love you, Mom!) came over to help watch Madi.  Unfortunately, that trust did not in any way diminish my obsessive worrying.  I worried about her falling.  I worried her crying.  I worried that if they put her in her crib they might turn off the fan, increasing the chance of SIDS.  I even called about that last one, and explained that she needed to have the fan on and why.  Then after I hung up, I worried that they heard that she needed the fan "off" instead of "on".  Pat stopped me from calling back.
I worried all the way through the meal.  It wasn't until Pat handed me my ice cream (yes, we did go to Iguana Joes) that I finally felt calm.  That calm lasted about ten minutes, and then I worried, selfishly,  that Madison wouldn't miss me.  Which, of course, she didn't.  So with my jealousy in full force, Pat graciously took me back home.  I think, including the drive to and from Iggy Joes, our date was about an hour long.  And fifty minutes of that was spoiled thanks to me being a total wreck.
So thank you, Aunt Cheryl and Mom, for giving us the chance to get out.  Thank you, Ronnie and Becky, for the gift card.  Thank you, Patrick, for getting all gussied up (he wore shoes with laces!) for our hot date.

Don't give up on me; I'll try to do better next time!



  1. I wouldn't worry about SIDS. I actually never have. Research is now thinkinig SIDS is infant sleep apnea...so, something the baby is born with and cannot be prevented. You should get an angel care monitor. It detects breathing motions and sets off an alarm if they stop breathing. We have one and love it.

  2. You're so cute. We'll miss you guys over here!