Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back 2 Skool!

That's right - Pat headed back to school this week.  We're really excited about him getting his associate's degree this December! 
All this time, all he needed was one "real" course, economics, and two PE courses, a total of 5 hours.  Since he's working (more than) full time right now, he had to do all three courses online.  Which is funny to me, because one of his courses is Jogging and another is Exercise for Health and Fitness.  For his jogging course, we did actually have to buy a pedometer that will upload workout information to our computer, so I kind of understand that one.  But so far, it looks like there is no real assessment tool for his other PE course.  I guess it's the honor system?

As excited as we are about the degree he'll be receiving shortly, we are both a little apprehensive about his new schedule.  This first week has been especially hard; Monday night he got home at around 4 PM, and wasn't finished with school stuff until about 7:30.  Yesterday he didn't get home until about 6:30PM, and again didn't finish until about 7:30.  I realize that 7:30 isn't that late, but it is after Madison's typical bedtime.  So he hasn't gotten to play with her since Sunday (although he did hold her while she they slept for about two hours last night).  For the rest of the week (through Sunday night) he now has 7 workouts to do, in addition to his ECON classwork and the anticipated overtime at work.

Getting back into "student" mode has been kind of rough for him; it's amazing how much you can forget in such a short period of time!  For example, Monday night it took us both about thirty minutes to figure out how to use slope intercept form, and another thirty to actually plot out the equation.  And we still got the first one wrong.  For a guy who was enjoying his calculus course four years ago, that's pretty bad! 

Still, I think once we get the rust scraped off his brain (ouch!) he'll enjoy being back in school.  We're hoping that this semester works out well; if it's not too horrible, we will get him enrolled at UofH Clear Lake for the spring semester, to hopefully earn his bachelor's by May 2013.

Have you ever gone back to school after a hiatus?  Do you have an eighth grader that can come tutor us on algebra?  What do you think of online PE?  



  1. Love the KCAB to school picture! What has him doing slope interecpt stuff, economics? Fun, fun. It is amazing and sad how much we forget over time. Hope the schedule smooths out for y'all.

  2. Yeah, his economics course pre-test had a few algebra problems. Thanks, I hope it does, too. :)

  3. Look at those cute blue jean shorts! They make her look so grown up! Woo hoo for back to school! So that's why he was jogging the other day:) I have no doubt that it will be very tough, but in the long run it will be worth it for him and the family. We are proud of him (and you for taking on the role of single mom while he is studying).

  4. Yeah, J went back to get his masters after taking about a year off and it was hard. Now, he's taking another year off before his 2nd masters and he'll break again before his dr. degree. Some days he leaves the house before G gets up for the day and gets home after she is already in bed and he hates it. Where is Pat working these days?

  5. oh, and I dead set on turning the office guest room into a playroom as well now! (Like your post yesterday)

  6. ok, third comment...sorry. That is "I'm" not "I" on my previous comment. Ok, done now :)

  7. Thanks, Christie. They're actually NB size, but didn't fit 'til now! She's almost in 3-6 size for everything else, so I'm thinking they were just mislabeled.
    I'm very proud of him, too!

  8. Emily, thanks for the comments. :) He's working for a company called TWSCO. You'd have to ask him what he does...I still don't understand it well enough to explain. But he likes it!

  9. Adorable picture. With such great support from his ladies I know he'll make it:)