Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Shameless Bragging

I promise this is my last time to brag on my husband this week, and I know you probably don't want to hear it, but I couldn't resist.  After you read what happened last night, I'm sure you'll understand.  Either that, or you'll question my palate.  Maybe both.

Last night, I opened the freezer to answer that eternal question: "What's for dinner?"  I knew that we were most likely out of chicken nuggets, aka my favorite meal, so I had pretty much come to terms with not having that.  But when I looked inside and saw a glorious bag promising Great Value chicken nuggets, I giddily turned to Patrick and exclaimed, "When did you get nuggets?"  His face fell immediately, tipping me off to the ugly truth.  The bag held only three nuggets, which, though by some would be considered a snack, I recognized as a mere tease.  Without any further discussion, he said, "I'll be back."  Before leaving, he did check to see if we had mac and cheese, because everyone knows that nuggets without mac and cheese are just shredded and fried chicken parts.  We didn't, so he planned to get both while he was out.

Upon his return, he grinned at me and said, "I bring chicken."  Strangely enough, he then said, "Oh, no."  Whether by ESPN or just good deductive skills, I instantly knew that he had forgotten the macaroni with all its elevating properties.  Here's the part where he gets bonus points: he again said, "I'll be back" and left to retrieve the noodles.  That's a good man.

Has your husband ever (without prompting) made two special trips to the store to make sure you have your favorite meal?  Do you feel the same as I do about nuggets without mac and cheese?  Did the phrase "fried chicken parts" turn you off to chicken nuggets forever for the next eight hours?  I know it did for me.  : )



  1. too cute! Ironically that is what we had for dinner last night too! Chicken nuggets n mac n cheese and yes my wonderful husband whisked me away to arlans afterworking all day to buy some lovely noodles ;)

  2. Kelli...don't EVER apologize for bragging on your man! I think he's a keeper...

  3. I think he is a keeper, too, Dianne! Thank you, Patrick for being an awesome husband and dad and son-in-law!!!!

  4. Hi Kelli - I love your Blog!
    You've been awarded!!!

    Hope you're having a great week!