Monday, January 16, 2012

What's on My Mind Monday

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I.  We had the privilege of seeing a good friend (Madison "calls" him "Uncle John") graduate from basic military training in the Air Force on Friday.  If you've never seen an Air Force graduation, I would suggest adding it to your bucket list.  By the end when the airmen took the oath of enlistment and shouted the airman's creed, it was all I could do to keep all my tears in my eyes.
Sorry she's a blur.  But she is a really cute blur, isn't she?
 II.  Oh, Texans.  I hate to point fingers, but Jacoby Jones, really?  I could have done better.  I know everyone says that, and it's almost never true, but all he had to do was get out of the way!  Who goes for a ball on kickoff return at the three yard line with two guys bearing down on them?  Without that senseless seven point loss, it would gave been a "W" for the Texans.   Talk about Yates all you want, but what do you expect from the third string QB?  Jones, on the other hand, has no excuse.  Texans, if you're listening, I can make myself available next season for most Sundays and Saturdays.  I promise to never touch the ball, and I'll accept half of whatever you're paying Jones.

III.  When I went to get Madison from the nursery after Sunday School yesterday, she was asleep in Mrs. Bonnie's arms.  Why won't she ever do that for me?!  I was totally jealous.  Don't get me wrong; I was happy that she felt comfortable enough to go to sleep in the new(ish) environment, but still super jealous.

IV.  Work on our house continues.  I've got a few posts to write to catch you up on the progress, but I would have to slow down on the house to make it happen!

Happy Monday!

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