Saturday, January 28, 2012

Run, Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

Last night, Pat and his friend went hunting.  They saw a big deer, and Patrick shot it three times.  As it turns out, the big deer was his brother, Matt.  Pat apologized over and over, offering to help dig the bullets out, but Matt said it was okay.  Then, to make Matt feel better, Pat told him that he had seen another big deer, and Matt could shoot him if he wanted.  Matt said, "No, thanks."

At this point, Matt, John, and Patrick headed for the bar at the hunting grounds, since it was time for lunch.  The old lady behind the bar tried to give Patrick and Matt a five hour energy/alcohol shot.  They declined.  After lunch, they discovered that the hunting grounds were filled with dinosaurs and crazy people, so they started running through the woods, shooting said dinosaurs and crazy people. 

They ended up in the water, with sharks trying to bite them, and actually biting other people running/swimming away with them.  One of the "extras" yelled out that they should swim in the middle of all the people, so the sharks would get the others first. 

Then, on the ship, Matt, John, and Patrick, along with all the refugees, continued running from the dinosaurs, crazy people, and monsters.  They all tried to hide in a lifeboat attached the side of the ship, but realized after climbing into it that the monsters could still see them.  They moved to another lifeboat, into which everyone jumped.  With everyone in the lifeboat, the ropes started to break.  Thankfully, Patrick was wearing his harness, which he clipped to the side of the ship.  Once he was clipped on, he started helping people back onto the ship.  As soon as the last person got back onto the ship, the last rope holding the lifeboat snapped, and the lifeboat fell out from underneath him, leaving him dangling against the side of the ship.  He had to hold on with one hand, because his harness was trying to fall off.

Then, on the ground again, still running from the crazy people (with a few monsters and dinosaurs to boot), they found bullets for the automatic weapons they were now carrying.  They hid behind a big mound of dirt and prepared for the final stand.  The crazy people brigade arrived, and the battle commenced.  Patrick thinks he and the other refugees won, because then they were alive and heading back to the bar at the hunting grounds.  Upon getting to the bar, Patrick realized that someone had already consumed his energy/alcohol shot, but that was okay because he didn't want it anyway.

What did you do last night?


  1. Have you been eating funny mushrooms?? Auntie V

  2. hahahaha. this was hilarious! and Auntie V cracks me up too!

  3. Kelli... should we be worried? ;)

  4. Was this a nightmare?

  5. Yes, this was Pat's nightmare. He claims that he "needed" to play his shoot 'em up game before bed, but didn't get to, so his subconscious helped him work out his frustration another way.