Friday, January 20, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

 I've got a pretty great husband, and a pretty dirty house.  But let's focus on the great husband for a while, deal?

Here's the thing: I have the same breakfast every morning.  Not just the same food, but the same amount, routine, schedule, in the same chair, everything.  Missing out on that breakfast ruins my day.  An integral part of that breakfast is the milk that goes in my raisin bran.  When I don't have milk in the morning, desperation sets in.  About a month ago, I realized upon opening the fridge that we were out of milk.  I mixed half and half with water until I got it to the right consistency(about one part half and half to seven parts water).  The flavor was never quite right, but once I added it to my raisin bran, it was passable.  There is (almost) nothing I wouldn't do to ensure that I have milk with my breakfast.

That's why I say I've got a great husband.  He's totally jumped on the "there aren't too many things more important in this world than Kelli having milk in the morning" bandwagon.  Actually, there are three-and-a-half bandwagons, because the sign wouldn't fit on just one.  : )  So last night, after seeing that the milk level was below the danger zone, he went to the store to get more for me.  This is a pretty common occurrence. 

Fast forward to this morning.  In "my" place (if Patrick sits there during breakfast he will be ever so politely asked to MOVE) was my book, with a sliver of a note peeking out from underneath.  Normally, anything outside my typical breakfast routine would make me skeptical, but I noticed the word "beautiful", so the slight shade of crankiness instantly disappeared. 
 Then I moved the book, and saw the rest of the note, along with a cute ring from Old Navy!  You may remember me ever so subtly mentioning their jewelry department here.
How's that for a breakfast surprise?  After I finished my raisin bran and first of two cups of coffee, I headed for the office to grab the camera.  I wanted to record the moment!  When I walked in, I saw this:
Well, technically I just saw the wallpaper on the monitor.  The mess was invisible to me until I looked at the digital image of it.  Kind of like how you never realize how much weight you've lost(or gained) until you see a picture  of yourself.  It's funny how mirrors/real life don't register the same way.

Anyway, the new picture of Madison was the highlight of my morning.  Even better than the milk in my raisin bran and the ring on the sweet note.  Ha!  "Put A Ring On It" just popped in my head.  You're welcome if it's now in yours, too.  : )

Anyone else wanna brag on their husband today?  Do you have morning routines that determine the tone of the rest of your day?  Have you ever "made" milk (I'm not talking about lactation here, so don't get gross on me)?  Is anyone else humming Beyonce right now?



  1. That was so sweet of him! Way to go Patrick!

    There was one time that I was making Mac n' Cheese, when I realized half way through, we didn't have any milk. I threw in some extra butter (unhealthy, I know)and it was fine.

  2. Hi Kelli - Im your newest follower! Your hubby sounds sweet like mine.. we are very lucky.. Please pop over for a visit when you have the chance. Take care, Natalie

  3. That is so very sweet! You got this pregnant lady teary eyed over here!