Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Six Months

 Madison, today you are six months and twelve days old.  Normally I would write this on the day you "gained" another month, but the last twelve days have been pretty rough.  Honestly, today wasn't a total walk in the park either, but I figured I had better write this before the big "seven" comes around.  For the first time, we didn't take your "month" picture on the right day (we were a day late), because that day you (and your daddy and I) were sick.  So technically the number in the frame should be 6.03 but since that wouldn't fit, we rounded down. 
 You are getting so big.  I think the most significant change you've had this month is that now you love eye contact.  Before, you would avoid looking anyone, stranger or otherwise, in the eyes.  Now, you'll stare long enough to make the other person a little uncomfortable.  I love that intensity! 

I told your daddy the other day that you'll get your frown lines even earlier than I did (somewhere around 14 or 15, I think) because of your intense concentration.  When you are trying to figure something out, you use your whole body, but especially the area around your eyes.  It's like your trying to focus every fiber of your being onto the object that has your attention.  This picture is a little old, but it's the best example I could find of your "concentrating" face.
Since you were sick a couple of weeks ago, your eating (solids) has been hit or miss.  One of the few things that actually works to get you to eat is to let you feed yourself.  You're surprisingly good with a spoon, but after it went wayyy too close to your eye the other day, I'm back in charge of dinner time for now.
 You're not crawling yet, but today, for the first time, you stayed on your hands and knees for a while.  Probably ten seconds or so, and you did it twice, back to back.  You looked a little scared, to be honest.  I think we've got a ways to go on the crawling front, and that is a-okay with me.

You love to talk, sing, yell, and laugh.  You also love to make me laugh!  Today you learned that if you "tickle" Mommy's belly, she will laugh just like you do!  That was lots of fun.  You "tickled" me for five minutes straight.

You hate bedtime, nap time, and being in your car seat or stroller for very long.  You also seem to have decided not to like sweet potatoes. 

Your mommy and daddy love you more than we knew we could.  And it's not because you're beautiful, sweet, smart, and patient(even though you are all those things).  It's just because you're you.


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