Friday, August 19, 2011

House Tour: The Kitchen

Sooo, this is by far the most unfinished room in the house.  I sat and stared at the monitor for like five minutes before I even knew where to begin with describing it.  I think my best bet is to just let the pictures speak for themselves:


 Now, remember, our goal is to have this done before Madison graduates from medical school before Madison's first birthday.  Phew!  That's a little overwhelming for this mama!  So here's what we've got on the list so far:

-Replace flooring- I know you're probably thinking we're crazy to want to change something that's already so beautiful, and in such good condition.  Okay, even I can't deal with sarcasm that thick.  I can't WAIT to get rid of it!!!
-Replace countertops/backsplash- This is another project that has been put off until Patrick and I can agree on the best way to attack it.  But don't worry, I can smell the won't be long!
-Repaint the stovetop- Yes, you read correctly.  I used "paint" and "stove" in the same sentence.  And yes, by using the prefix "re", I did indicate that we have tried and failed to accomplish said stove painting before.  Here's hoping I'm less crazy than I look sound.
-Paint (or replace?) vent hood- I'm keeping my eyes peeled (eww) for a CHEAP replacement.  But are we ready and willing to paint that old sucker if it comes right down to it?  Yessirree, Bob!
-Paint refrigerator
-Install island
-Buy/make barstools
-Paint base of table
-Build window seat- After de-kennel training Bella, that is!
-Install recessed light over sink
-Find shallow drawer pulls
-Finish painting trim (including column)
-Touch up paint
-Upgrade electrical switches and outlets to GFCI
-Find/DIY art for wall behind table
-Stencil or otherwise decorate the soffit.

What do you think?  Can you think of anything else we should add to the list?  Have you ever had the joy of removing a floor that was this ugly?  Do you have suggestions for how to paint a stovetop without it becoming toxic or having the paint peel?  Would you like to join us in flinging harsh (but true) insults at the floor and the people who actually paid money to put it in their house?

Share one and share all!

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