Saturday, August 20, 2011

House Tour: The Bathroom

G'day mates, en wilcum to th' thud instollmen' of ah ha'as tuh.  Yeah, I never was any good at accents.  Anyway, if you missed the first two rooms, you should go check out the living room and the kitchen.

This is our bathroom as it is today:

 Okay, so technically this was our bathroom yesterday morning.  Today the toilet paper roll is almost empty, there are toothpaste splatters on the faucet, Pat's dirty work clothes are on the floor, and my contact case, solution, and glasses case are out on the counter next to the without-a-lid toothpaste tube.  Maybe I should be cleaning the bathroom instead of writing a blog post about it.  Oh well.

Let's play a game...I'll show you some detail shots of the bathroom, and you can see if you can spot all the things we plan to change before Madison's first birthday party.  I'll start with some easy ones for you!

This is where they start getting a little tricky:

Did you get them all?  Let's compare:
- Put a faceplate on the switch- I'm sure you're thinking we're super lazy for not doing something that easy when we already have the plates laying around.  But here's the thing: we are actually going to have to cut the plate on the right side to fit next to the cabinet.  So it's not that easy.  But yes, that probably does still qualify us as lazy.
- Touch up paint- I really hope you didn't miss that one.  Even if you didn't miss it, don't pat yourself on the back too soon; there are two or three more things in the second pic that we'd like to change!
- Change shower rod- I'd like to get one of those curvy numbers that makes the shower feel bigger, but they're pricey!  Time for some bargain hunting...
- Get new shower curtain- We've had this curtain since we got married 5.5 6.5 years ago.  Oops!  I had to do math to figure out how long we have been married.  Don't feel too bad, Pat-I have to do the same thing with my age now.  Anyway, the shower curtain has served us well, but I think it might be time for an upgrade.  Especially when you consider that our lovely "professional" painters used it as a drop cloth(!!!) while we weren't looking.  More on them later.
Replace shower surround- This is not a huge priority.  It's in okay condition, and it's neutral, but it's just so cheap looking!  We'll see.
- Replace Nixon-era ceiling mounted space heater thingy- First of all, this is, in my opinion, a huge fire hazard.  Every once in a while the switch for this, which is kind of on top of the counter, accidentally gets flipped, resulting in a burnt dust odor.  Second of all, it's ugly, and it's got to go.
- Upgrade switch/plug to GFCI
- Repaint the ceiling- Remember those "professional" painters I mentioned earlier?  Well, take a look at the second picture from the bottom.  Do you see the bright white streak by the air conditioning vent?  That, my friends, is semi-gloss trim paint.  Apparently our not-too-bright painters couldn't tell the difference between our too-bright trim paint and our just-right ceiling paint.  You would think it would have helped that the ceiling paint started out purple when you applied it...shouldn't the lack of purple have been a red flag during their touch-up?
- Install towel bar-  That sounds kind of funny - is it towel rod? 
- Replace vanity light
- Rip out trim/shelf between the cabinets- at first I typed RIP, which also works.  
- Replace mirror
- Add accessories/art
- Install quarter round trim on the floorboards
- Replace toilet seat- Right now we've got an oval toilet seat with a round toilet.  Not pretty.
- Upgrade faucets
- Trim the wand for the blinds to fit the window

And that is all I can think of for now!  I'm curious, what else did you guys think of that we need to change?  What did you leave off?  Has anyone else had a horrible experience with "professional" painters?

Come on, throw me a bone, or better yet, a comment!



  1. How about replacing all of the knobs, pulls, etc. to a more modern look? Also, replace the window seal with new, freshly painted wood. Did you say you would replace the window blinds? If not, replace with white, wood 2" blinds. Nana.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Nana! As far as the knobs and pulls go, we hope that once we finish the other items to update the bathroom the oil-rubbed-bronze hardware will be the icing on the cake. I agree that right now they stick out in kind of a bad way.

    Yeah, we really like the look of the 2" blinds, so much so that we put them throughout the house! And we will definitely be repainting that awful window trim; we damaged it by putting the shower curtain tension rod against it.