Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walk in the Park

 A couple of weekends ago, the same day we finished the back porch, we decided to also do something weekend-y.  See, normally our weekends are spent working on something house-related, (Patrick) doing school work, going to church, (me) missing the days before the Texans' season ended, and (both of us) dreading Monday.  In that order.  Relaxing is just not a typical part of the agenda.

Since it was a pretty not raining yet day, we opted to go to a new park at a local subdivision.  They just completed a two and a half mile track (one way) that leads from one end of the neighborhood to the other.  We were hoping to at least get to the park in the middle of the trail.  That would be three miles, round trip.
We never know what to expect with Madison in the stroller.  Sometimes she'll quietly fall asleep, other times she'll fuss herself to sleep, and on occasion she'll fuss and not go to sleep, which forces us to turn around and carry her back to the car.  The farthest I've carried her so far is a mile and a half.  Once in a blue moon she'll stay happily awake, enjoying the scenery.  This was not one of those times.

Instead, she got fussy before we got to the half mile marker.  On the bright side, that meant a short walk back to the car.  On the not so bright side, that meant our break was cut short.  All signs point to her being even bossier than her mama, but she's the prettiest little taskmaster I've ever had.
 Since I'm paranoid about her being in the sun, I made Patrick carry the umbrella, even though she was wearing sunscreen and a bonnet.  I'd like to prove the dermatologist wrong.  He complained about it being difficult to carry both Madison and the umbrella, and Madi was happy to help.
 Well, at least we thought she was helping.  It turns out she had her own plans for the umbrella shaft.  Those plans were similar to the ones she had for my finger two days ago.  Unfortunately, my finger is not as resilient as the steel umbrella.  It is better at clotting, though.
 Fifteen minutes after we arrived, we were back to the car.  I wouldn't call this outing a rousing success, but it sure did result in some cute pictures!  I just love her old lady bonnet.
What does your typical weekend look like?  Do you find yourself so focused on getting things done that you forget to take a breath? 


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  1. Madi's GrandmaFebruary 1, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    Sorry the outing was so short (Madi - please allow Mommy and Daddy a longer outing next time - they need it and they're really good parents too) - Love the pictures!! Come up here and ya'll can run up and down some hills and I'll push Madi in her stroller:)