Monday, February 6, 2012

What's on My Mind Monday

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I.  For fear of jinxing it, I'm not going to tell you how well Madison has been sleeping these last few days.  I will say that my eyes are about 25% less bloodshot than they've been since last June.

II.  Patrick and I tried Starbucks Blonde Roast (the Veranda one) yesterday afternoon.  I think to know what it really tastes like, we'll have to buy a pound.  Our local Starbucks (where, coincidentally,  I used to work) brews their coffee at double strength, then lets it sit for an hour and a half.  We're currently sitting on about two and a half pounds of coffee, so I think we'd better drink it down a little before buying any more, even if I do have a coupon.

III.  My husband is pretty great; he forced me out of the house after Madi went down for bed last night.  I got to see the whole second half of the Superbowl. 

IV.  Yesterday morning, Madison woke up around 6:00, ready for her early morning feeding.  After I put her back into her crib, I got the crazy idea to go for a run.  I made it about a lap and a quarter (meaning a little over half a mile) before I turned around and sprinted back to the car.  It was so cold that my fingers hurt now, just remembering it.

V.  Looking for houses before listing/selling your own can lead to nothing but heartache.  I've got to block .  I've already said goodbye to two different "the one"'s. 

Happy Monday!

PS: Whoa, I just spelled my name wrong.  That was weird.  (I fixed it)


  1. "Kelly". And I can't even blame lack of sleep!