Thursday, February 2, 2012


This has been kind of a strange week for me. 

For starters, as I mentioned Monday, I've been jones-ing  for a good read since finishing Ender's Game again.  I headed for the library on Tuesday with a list of good required readings (mostly provided by Cecilly, many thanks).  Out of the five titles on my list, our library had exactly zero.  Not to be deterred, I just looked for authors that I remembered.  Somehow, I ended up staring at the measly grouping of Tolstoy's works.  The two titles I recognized were Anna Karenina and War and Peace.  I've already read Anna Karenina, so naturally I left with War and Peace tucked squeezed into my library bag.  I did a little research when I got home.  It turns out that I selected the seventeenth longest novel in the world.  I think I might be utilizing a renewal (or thirty-seven).

As if that wasn't strange enough, I also started working out this week.  I have absolutely no idea what motivated me, but Tuesday afternoon I found myself studying the Workout of the Day over at , and let me tell you, there are some insanely fit people in this world.  Tuesday's workout included muscle ups.  Do you know what a muscle up is?  Neither did I.  You start out hanging from two rings.  You then pull yourself up to where your chin is level with said rings.  If you haven't passed out from over-exertion and fallen from six feet onto your face, then you "just" thrust forward, get your elbows higher than the rings, and push yourself up to a locked arm position.

Like that's gonna happen.  Instead, I did the disabled elderly woman version: negative chin ups (meaning you jump up into a chin up, then let yourself down as slowly as you can) and chair dips.  I also did an extremely modified version of yesterday's workout.  Now I feel as though my arms and abdominal muscles were injected with venom.  Picking up Madison hurts

When I'm not trying to be Rory Gilmore or GI Jane, I'm working on our tax return, chanting "Big money!"  I don't think it's helping.  We're using TurboTax, and the refund amount in the top right corner of my screen just keeps going down. 

What fictional character(s) have you been impersonating this week?  Anyone else working on their taxes? 



  1. Oh I hate how the refund gets lower and lower... mean mean mean!

  2. Ok, I'm all caught up on your blog! We just got our tax return money and it's already gone (house repairs and medical bills)! We were thinking "big money", too with what happened last year. You know, Steve's surgery, new house, new baby, etc. Sadly, no. BUT, it is enough to cover all the medical bills, and get the house painted, and for that I am very thankful. What did make me somewhat upset is that we calculated all of our medical expenses for over 45 minutes for turbo tax to say we needed a certain form and could not proceed. I THINK it was a deduction anyways, so it wouldn't have helped us. Couldve told us that from the start instead at the very end. I feel your pain.