Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Dayte

 See what I did there?  Day, date, day-date, dayte.  Wow, I think I just get more clever as time goes by.

We decided to take Madison on her first date for Valentine's day.  Since she loves avocado, we opted for Iguana Joe's, a local mexican restaurant.  Here she is all dolled up and ready to go:
 How much do you love her ruffles?!  Nana got her Valentine's outfit at Gymboree for  60% off! 
 It was already six o'clock by the time we got there (aka about thirty minutes before her typical bedtime), but we stopped for a photo op nonetheless.  A good choice, if I do say so myself!
 We started her off with an appetizer of Puffs:
 Followed by a $3 (!!!) sliced avocado tray.

 A nice lady at the table next to us offered to take our picture.  Madison kept looking away at just the last second.  The lady insisted on taking "one more".  She took twenty pictures.  We didn't get one with Madison looking at the camera.  Some things are predictable.
 In all ($3 avocado aside), I think it was a pretty successful night.  Madison had such a good time that she didn't mind putting off her bedtime for an extra hour!  
 How was your Valentine's day?


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  1. Our Valentines was good. :) avacado is really expensive right now. I remember when I worked there, they were trying to figure out a way to not sell green sauce because of how expensive.

    Oh and my blogger dashboard hasn't shown me that you've posted anything for two weeks. I decided this was weird and checked your blog and saw that you had! I'm trying to catch up now. Lol Ben asked if we knew what a phone was for, but I told him that it's more fun and exciting to get comments on blogger. ;)