Monday, December 19, 2011

What's on My Mind Monday

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I.  Patrick graduated with his Associate's degree Saturday.  I'm so proud of him for deciding to go back and finish what he started.  And I'm so thankful that he opted to sacrifice sleep instead of time with our sweet girl.  Now he has a few weeks "off" (from school anyway) before his next semester starts.  And he'll only be taking one course, because that's all he lacks to get into the business school at UH Downtown, so we'll call that an extended break!

II.  Pat and I were proud to be a part of our church's Christmas program yesterday morning.  The choir did a beautiful job!  I think that's the best Christmas program they've done.  And no, I'm not patting myself on the back, because thankfully, I was not a part of the choir.  That would have been a disaster.  Patrick and I just read introductions to a few of the songs.  And our mikes were (almost) always on when they were supposed to be.  : )

III.  Because we were on stage for both services, and my mom is in the choir, Madison stayed in the nursery all morning.  She got a little fussy during the first service, probably because she was woken up so early.  Dang train whistle.  We live quite a ways from the tracks, but for some reason the sound really carries!  After she took out her misplaced frustration with the nursery  workers by peeing on one of them(sorry,
Bonnie!), she felt much better.

IV.  When we invited people to come see Patrick graduate, we specified "no gifts".  Is it normal for people to bring gifts, anyway?  Because after seeing Pat's loot, I'm second guessing every "no gifts, please" event I've ever been to!  Nevertheless, I'm grateful that our sweet friends and family were so generous.  Patrick was a little overwhelmed by it all.  : )

V.  Oh, Texans. How will you ever beat the Packers in the Super Bowl if  you're gonna let the Panthers beat you?  Well, I guess if the Chiefs can do it, so can you.  But I expect a "W" next week, ya heard me?  (If you're not a Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns viewer, well, sorry.  You're just not gonna get that one.)

Happy Monday!


  1. It was a very special weekend. I was so full of joy and pride; for Patrick and for you and for Madi. You both did a wonderful job as narrators, and helped make it a beautiful program. And of course, Madi just makes me keep smiling.

    I had fun playing X-box with Pat. Watched the Texasans for the first time, Whoops! Have three extremely busy days ahead and then I'm off, yeah!

  2. We actually watched the Texans yesterday too. That was a first for us, because we both really don't watch football. Ben gets into it towards the playoff season though. lol. Congrats to Patrick!