Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ahh, Christmas.

I hate to see you go, but I must confess I'm glad to see a few "nothing special" days come, so I can finally relax and recover.  Madison, as expected, made out like a bandit this year.  Which means that Pat and I did, as well.  Keeping her entertained with new toys is even easier than it was with her "old" ones.

We decided that even though it seems really hard, we're going to try to give Madison only three presents each Christmas.  This should help keep us from going completely consumer-crazy, but mostly it will remind us to point Madison back to the real gift of Christmas, who is Jesus.  I've got to confess: this year we really only gave her two presents(a Jenny Jump-Up and a bathmat so she can take "big girl" baths in the tub).  The third gift "from mommy and daddy" is really from Nana.  She has some of those foam puzzle piece play mat thingies in her garage, and we'll be putting them in the office.  The only reason we're claiming them as "our" gift is that we'll be cleaning and maybe even painting/sealing them.  I've got to stop looking at Pinterest. 

Oh, yeah. I haven't told you guys why we need to rest and recover!  The reason I didn't blog Thursday was that I was busy.  Very, very, busy.  It takes a lot of energy to spend all day trying to keep your water/gatorade/two bites nibbles of cracker(bad idea) down.  Pat and Madi were similarly afflicted.  And that last post about how grateful we are for Nanas?  Yeah, that should probably be updated to include endangering her own health to care for a sick baby so her sick parents could lay in bed.

Wow, I'm all over the place today.  Which may or may not be because I've had a squirming baby on my lap for the last two paragraphs.  I think I'll go ahead and publish without proofreading so we can open another Christmas toy.  We can make a game of it...whoever finds the most typos gets a prize.  Just kidding-I'd really rather not know.  : )

-Kelli (and Madison)

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