Friday, December 2, 2011

The "I Was Right" Song

We think Madison is teething again (the prime suspects are her upper middle teeth), and she has woken up a few times over the last couple of nights.  We had kind of gotten spoiled by her sleeping10 1/2 hours at a time norm, so this hit us on our blindside.  Last night, after Tylenol and holding/rocking didn't even begin to soothe her (about nine hours into her night), Pat convinced me that I needed to bend the rules and nurse her earlier than usual. 

So I did, reluctantly.  I figured that if pain was the problem, nursing would only calm her down temporarily.  Well, as I write this three hours and forty-five minutes later, I guess I should admit I was wrong.  Yeah, yeah.  You were right and I was wrong, now you can sing the you were right song. 

As painful as that last paragraph was to admit, Madison more than made up for it.  As I laid her back in her crib, I swear she said "Thank you".  Okay, not audibly, but she looked deep into my eyes and smiled sooo gently before turning on her side and going to sleep.

That turned my "bad night" right around.

Happy Friday!


  1. Babies have a growth spurt at 6 months too...she may have just hit it a bit early. G is teething right now and it is BAD! She has the bottom two and I think it's the top two now. I've heard it's downhill after that.

  2. Emily, all is downhill until they become teenagers!