Monday, October 1, 2012

What's On My Mind Monday

Linking up over here, even though I'm posting super late.

I.  We had such a nice weekend!  It felt almost like a vacation after Pat had been gone for so long.  Patrick stayed home for both of Madison's naps while I went to a baby shower Saturday and to my parents' house to watch the Texans win on Sunday.  Just being alone (not really alone, just not in charge of anyone but myself) for those few hours was amazing, but of course I was excited to see Madison when I got back both days.  It really is luxurious to have the chance to miss her every now and again.

II.  Madison is getting more independent every day.  She will play by herself for up to thirty minutes now, usually with either a book or bowl and spoon.  She LOVES to pretend to eat, and makes a cute "smack" noise when she pretends to take bites.

III.  She seems to have had a vocabulary explosion over the last few weeks.  She wasn't really saying much of anything before, but now she says these words pretty frequently:
DA or yeh (yes)
mo-mo (more) 
da-da (for paw-paw.  ?)
phblblth (elephant sound)
bah-pa (backpack)

And she says these on occasion:
peace (please)
ste-puh-nee(a neighbor friend)
Beh-ah (Bella)
ow-die (outside)
doh (door)
swee (swing)
gooh guh (Good girl, usually said to Bella)
kah (quack)
*and more below

I know I'm forgetting big ones, but I guess these are my faves.  : )

IV.  Please pray for Patrick's dad.  I haven't really written here yet about what's going on with him, and I don't feel comfortable sharing everything, because I don't want to get it all wrong.  Just pray that Pat and his family have the wisdom they need to make some very difficult decisions, and that we all have peace about whatever comes.  Praying for miraculous healing couldn't hurt, either!

Happy Monday,

I'm only going to allow myself one update, but I can't believe I left out up, down, baby, and cup! 


  1. Madi is getting so big! I can't believe she can say all of those words! We are praying for you guys and everything going on. Love y'all!

  2. I would love to hear her elephant sound. I'm never very good at that sound so neither are my kids:) We need to see some pictures of that sweet girl!

  3. I would like to second the picture request. And i so want to hear this elephant sound. I kept trying to make it by reading it, but im pretty sure its not going well.

  4. independent play is an amazing thing ;)