Monday, October 22, 2012

What's On My Mind Monday

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I.  We just had the best four day weekend EVER.  We kept it super low key, so the main event was hitting up the Houston Zoo for Madison's first time.  She loved it!

I LOVE this picture of her.

 In this next one, she's looking/pointing at a pair of antelope being very natural, if ya know what I mean.  That should help explain Pat's expression.

II.  Pat's birthday was Friday, so I baked him a cake, from scratch (minus the icing).  It wasn't very good, darn it.  Nothing like working so long on something, in eager anticipation of your first bite, and then realizing that you overbaked the dang thing.  It was pretty, though!
Funny side story: I was going for the whole candy corn gradient look, because as a kid Pat loved when his mom would decorate his birthday cake with candy corn.  Sweet, right?  Yeah, except that she never decorated his cake with candy corn; it was candy pumpkins.  This is the third year in a row that I have made him a candy corn cake by mistake.  Every year, he's very sweetly corrected me.  I'm sure it'll be the same thing next year.  Early onset Alzheimer's?

III.  We took Madison to a pumpkin patch on Saturday and got zero pictures of her looking at the camera.  Humph. 
And the snug shirt she's wearing?  Last year's Halloween dress.  At this rate, next year it'll be a sock.
IV.  The Texans.  Oh, my goodness, how I loved watching yesterday's game.  I had so many favorite parts! 

Happy Monday!


  1. So glad you had such a good weekend. Kelli - you made me really laugh when you said next year it'll be a sock - so funny. Love the smiles. Looking forward to hearing more about her zoo trip. And the cake was very pretty. Love to all, dorothy, Mom, Grandma

  2. I love Houston Zoo. i wore my houston zoo t-shirt yesterday, before i read your blog and i thought it was a cute coincident.
    I remember the first time we took my nephew Jaylen to the zoo. he was about 2. it was so fun! He loved it. he zoo never gets old to me. and its so different to see what they experience there at each age.
    Super funny about the cake. I forget little things like that all the time, but instead of being nice about, kelly is all like, "you don't love me" Its not my fault we don't all have perfect memories... Cake is super cute anyways. Too bad it didn't turn out great. :( there is always next time. or tomorrow. :)