Sunday, May 20, 2012

Billy Joe Bucktooth

Thanks to the horrible advice I got from BabiesRUs technical support, I stupidly cleared all my browser history yesterday.  As a result, all my typically automatic log-ons were deleted, and I had to recall all of my passwords.  I figured out most of them, but for the life of me could not get back into my Swagbucks account.  I finally threw up the white flag by sending them this message:

From: Kelli Philpot
Sent: 5/18/2012
To: Swag Bucks Support
Subject: I can't log in.

I forgot my password, so clicked "forgot your password", got an email, opened the link, then got an error message saying to contact you. 

Also, I typically log in using facebook, but for some reason it won''t let me.

All I really need is a password.  Thanks!

This is what they replied:

From: Swagbucks Support <>
Subject: can''t log in. [ ref:_00D80dLPC._50080JFdld:ref ]
To: "" <>
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012, 4:51 PM

Hello Kelli Philpot,

My name is Jon and I will be more than happy to help you with your account info.

For security reasons, we do require you to provide the answer to your security question. Below I have provided the question you chose at signup.

Who was your first kiss?

Once your security answer has been confirmed I will be able to send you your password.


This is where it gets a little embarrassing. 

Wow, we're getting a little personal here, aren't we?  Not to sound like a loose woman or anything, but I'm not sure how I would have answered that.  Either Billy Joe Bucktooth* or Patrick Philpot.  Whatever happened to "mother's maiden name"?

Kelli Philpot  

Here's the thing: technically, my first kiss was with Billy Joe*, but my real first kiss was with Patrick.  What's the difference?  I'm glad you asked.  See, at the end of my eighth grade year, I went with a bunch of the other science geeks from my school on a field trip to Disney World.  (This was the year before 9/11, before public schools got gun-shy about students on planes.)  Like any eighth grader whose idea of romance was formed by watching Family Matters, I believed that Disney World was THE place to fall in love.  I figured it was now or never! 

That's why, when Billy Joe* asked "Will you be my girlfriend", and then the next day, "Do you want to kiss," the answers were "yes" and "yes".  How romantic, right?  Wrong.  Because I figured the surest way to end life as I knew it would be to get caught kissing a boy, I insisted that the deed take place on a train ride that went through a dark tunnel.  We rode that ride three times before we finally got it "right".  The first try, we missed altogether.  The second try, our noses bonked, and by the time we were ready to try again, we were back in the daylight.  The third try, we had lip to lip contact!  Talk about disappointing.  After that, he actually asked me if he could put his tongue in my mouth.  Or maybe if we could tongue kiss.  I don't recall the exact verbiage,  but it did include the word "tongue".  I politely  declined.  In the airport the next day, without ever actually breaking up with him, I said, "Don't tell anyone we went out." 

Not one of my proudest moments.  So thank you, Jon with Swagbucks, for the walk down memory lane. 

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever told a complete stranger?

*Name changed to protect the opportunist innocent

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  1. Hahahahahha oh that Billy Joe Bucktooth! ;) lol That does seem like an out of the ordinary question. Weird.