Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Welcome Relief, and an Excuse or Two.

Oh my goodness.  I've been AWOL here for about three weeks, mostly because at the end of the day I had no energy to write about what I'd been up to.  Do you remember my goal to have Madi's party at our house without being embarrassed about the place? 

Well, between puttying, caulking, sanding, priming, and painting what seemed like every square inch of every surface on our house, pressure washing, mailbox fixing, furniture building, trim installing, and dog hole-filling, my pre-party to-do list was a bit unmanageable.  I squeezed the higher priority items into a very intense schedule for the next three weeks (her party is on the 23rd), and lived with the pace for all of two days.  Every weekend, every evening, even every nap had a specific task. 

So when LBTP (life beyond the party) shoved its way in on Saturday, I was more overwhelmed than just before Madison was born, and that's saying something. 

The house schedule for Saturday called for finishing the desk Pat and I are building for the office and cutting "feet" for our twin bed (a pinspired project I'll hopefully share soon).  We were also supposed to do two leftover tasks from Friday: remove the shutters (to be painted later) and drive twenty miles to Lowes to pick up materials for our Sunday projects. 

I started the day out right, with tons of coffee and an Insanity workout.  The first thing that threw me off on Saturday was a major plumbing problem at a rental property I manage for a former real estate client.  Oh yeah, I used to be a realtor.  And a barista.  And a professional hokey-pokeyer.  But back to the point, I had to find a plumber.  Then I had to wrap two presents for my nephew's birthday party (only one was from us) and one for a wedding shower.  Then I had to go actually help host the shower, which I didn't do very well because I was so distracted by my phone ringing every four minutes with another hem or haw from the plumber. Thankfully, I was one hostess out of about fifty, and the shower went beautifully.

After the shower, we stopped by my nephew's party, and got to relax for a while.  Phew!  All too soon, it was time to bring Madison home for her nap.

During her nap, we managed to finish building the desk (now we "just" have to sand, caulk, prime, paint, and seal it).  Pat left for a haircut, giving me just enough time to check our progress with the list and want to cry.  Thankfully, Madison woke up before I could get myself into full-blown hysterics (I'm exaggerating a little), so the two of us walked back over to my nephew's party.

His party was at my parents' house, which is kind of perfect for a kid party.  Their house is two houses down from us, and about the same size as ours, but that's where the similarities end.  Their property is off of a dead end, with tons of shade and places to run and jump and dig. 

After the stress of those two days, seeing how well the party was going at my parents' house was all I needed to decide to change the venue.  I feel better already!

Happy Monday!

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