Monday, April 23, 2012

What's on My Mind Monday

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I.  As of yesterday, Madison is ten months old!  Some new things this month:
  • Scooting  (really late, I know)
  • Crawling  (ditto)
  • Pulling up  (still kind of behind)
  • Walking  (whoa!)
  • "Dada"
  • "Ba"(Ball)
Favorite things:
  • Taking Bella outside
  • Being tickled
  • Hide and Seek
  • Reading anything, but especially Dr. Seuss books and Duck In The Truck
  • Cheese
  • Walking
  • Posing for pictures
 Least favorite things:
  • Eggs (No worries, it was just the yolks, folks)
  • Wearing bows (I've been told twice this month what a cute little boy I've got)
  • Long car rides
  • Afternoon naps (now officially eliminated)
  • Falling down
  • Being told "no"
 II.  Patrick's brother married one of my childhood friends on Saturday.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I failed to take a single picture.  Boo hiss.  They are honeymooning in Rome and Paris for the next two-ish weeks, and they didn't offer to bring me along, so I guess they had it coming.  : )

Since the wedding kind of filled the whole day for us (his brother spent the night before at our house), Madison didn't get a real nap on Saturday.  She slept in her car seat for maybe fifteen minutes, and dozed in Patrick's/my/the bride's/my arms for all of twenty minutes.  This led to her very first high chair nap.  Notice the partially chewed puff in her mouth.  Don't notice the laundry, dirty dishes, and jacked up rug in the background. 

 III.   Remember how I said Madison loves to pose?  I think I figured out who she got it from.

Happy Monday!


  1. that pony tail is just TOO much! Oh my gosh it is cute! I tried to give G a pony tail and she cried and kept slapping my hand. She's going to be the kid at school with ratty hair because she won't let me fix it!

  2. oh, and my blogger STILL does not show your updates. I have no idea how to fix it :(

  3. Omg, she is so cute! 10 months is such a fun time!

  4. I love the pictures with Patrick. We really enjoyed see you all on Sat. Madi is adorable:)

  5. Too cute! Oh and congrats to Matt and the lovely bride! :) When did Madi get to be 10 months?