Monday, April 16, 2012

What's on My Mind Monday

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 I.  Madison is getting pretty confident with her walking, a LOT more confident than either Patrick or me.  She'll just take off full speed ahead across our hard wood floors.  So far, we've been able to catch up with her before any major wipe outs, but I'm sure I'll be sharing sometime soon about  her first second big fall.   

II.  We had a BLAST on Saturday at our niece and nephew's combined birthday party.  It was at Pump It Up, and while this was Madison's second time there, it was her first time to actually participate in the fun. I was shocked by how well she did; she made it through the big maze twice, once with Pat and once with me!
This thing was huge!
 III.  I watched Courageous last night.  Once I got past the cheese factor (you know there's got to be at least a little cheesiness with a movie this small), I really enjoyed it.  This is the first movie I've cried while watching since...oh wait, I cried during the last Harry Potter movie, too.  Scratch that thought.

IV.  Patrick accepted a new position at his current company.  For the first time ever, he is going to get paid for something other than sweating (unless the a/c goes out, in which case I guess he'll still be getting paid to sweat).  What I'm trying to say is that he doesn't have to sell his body anymore. Sorry honey, I couldn't resist.  What is it he'll be doing?  Ummm, you've got me there.  I'm pretty sure there's a paycheck involved, though.  Or at least that's the rumor.  : )

 V.  I do realize that I've never posted an Easter recap(I did write a post about her Easter basket, though), and I've since lost all hope for a full post about it, so here you go:
Cousin love
First egg hunt
She "found" this one herself!
If only she ate the eggs I cook this well!
Our best take at the bluebonnet picture; at least 2/3 of us are looking at the camera!
 The cousins picture was a bit elusive this year:
Take one
Take two
Take three
Hoppy Easter!
 And Happy Monday!


  1. I would of gotten claustrophobic in the maze. I probably would of panicked and left my child in their. lol funny but not really. four or five takes always seem to be the requirement for photos of small children. i found you through Miscellany Monday.

  2. Yayayayay! I'm so glad he got the promotion! We've been waiting to hear about it. ;) y'all also looked so good in your Easter pics!