Friday, September 21, 2012

Another FREE Find!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm kind of addicted to finding freebies on Craigslist.  Another freebie we get every month now is something we fought to avoid for a long time.

My mom became a consultant for Ambit Energy a few years ago, and offered to help us get free electricity.  Since Ambit is a multilevel marketing company, and from past experience I knew that those are typically surrounded by lots of hype, I put her off.  Not interested.  A few months later, she got her first "free" (actually more like $10 for taxes and fees) energy bill.  Then she proceeded to rub it in every chance she got for the next two years. 

She took pity on us and gave us another shot at free energy about six months ago, and this time did pretty much all the work herself.  For the last three months, our electric bills have been less than $15.  This month, we had "Current miscellaneous adjustments" (aka paid for energy) of $162.40, leaving us with a whopping $10.04 bill.  We always budget for actual energy cost, so we moved the difference from our "general bills" ledger to our "savings" ledger! 

 If you'd like to earn free electricity, or if you just want a lower rate than you're paying now, go check out our website.

I feel so silly stupid for paying for electricity for the last two years (after I should have known better).  What opportunities have you rejected that you later regretted not taking advantage of?



  1. Glad you finally listened to me! Ha ha! Enjoy your LIFETIME of FREE energy! Love you!

  2. That's awesome! Our bill was $13 last month. We love our free energy. This tax-free credit means more money in our pockets and a better financial situation. I have no earthly idea why people pay tons of money to debt-suffering incumbent providers who simply have to charge more for the same thing everyone uses.

  3. Ok i dont get it...can you email me at and tell me hiw this works. Our bills are way too high. Our zip is 77365. Thanks!