Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Dump 1

 Long story short: our PC crashed earlier this week, causing a major panic on my part about losing some of Madison's pictures that were never uploaded or backed up anywhere.  Last night, I turned on the PC just to see what would happen, and the same black screen with white letters showed up that we've been seeing all week.  Then Madi butted (bottomed?) her way in to mess with the keyboard, hit a whole bunch of keys on the bottom left quadrant of the keyboard, and all of the sudden Windows came up! 

We're kind of expecting for the computer to crash again, so we've moved as many files onto a borrowed computer as we can, but now our PC is not able to download anything to flash drives or our camera, so we're resorting to posting pics here.  The following pictures are from Madison's ninth and tenth months, in no particular order.  I didn't even bother flipping the portrait ones.  Sorry.  Enjoy!

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