Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas...A "Better Late Than Never" Recap

 I have no excuses for how very very late this post is, so let's skip that part and just get to the good stuff...pictures!  These were still on my camera's memory card right up until about fifteen minutes ago.  It was fun going over them after all this time!

This first group of pictures is from an event Patrick took Madison to at the community center, breakfast with Santa.  A few of her cousins also came.  That morning I was helping with another event at our church, so I missed out on this one. 

First, she bonded with a few inanimate objects:
 Then spent some time ignoring her cousins (and one of the unjolliest Santa's I've ever seen)...
 Then crafted an ornament!

The next group of pictures is from Pat's family Christmas, which we celebrated the Saturday before Christmas in Huntsville, at his mom's house.  We had a blast there, and Madison got WAY too many presents.  Not that we're complaining!
 We attempted a cousins picture.  lol
 For Christmas Eve, we attended our church's service then went to a party at my aunt's house.  Madison wore such a cute dress, but we forgot to take any pictures but this one!
 And that's the last Christmas picture I have, because I forgot the stinkin camera there.  I didn't bother to get it back until a week into the new year.  I can't even imagine how the me from a year ago would feel about that.  Oh well. 

 Regardless of the picturelessness (shutchermouth, squiggly red line...it's a word if I say it is), our Christmas (day) was pretty good.  It was definitely low key; we spent the majority of the day at home, but also went to my parents house for a bit.  Our "big" gift to Madison was a mirror for her room ($10 at Walmart) so she can see herself when she plays dress up. To keep it safe, we drilled right through the frame to screw it to two studs.  I put all her dress up items (necklaces, boa, hats, bunny ears, purses) in a box under her crib for easy access and cleanup.  She loves it!

Typically, I'd end a post like this with "Merry Christmas", or at least "Happy New Year", but I'm kind of late for either one.  Umm, have a sweet Valentines Day?  Yeah, that works.


  1. I should SOOOO make G a dress up area! She would love it! She puts things on and off all day long!

  2. So cute, she really liked the elves and snowmen. The mirror was a great idea!! Perfect for her. Thanks for posting!! Dorothy

  3. Funny how much she has changed since Christmas!