Monday, December 3, 2012

What Our Office Really Looks Like

So I've left out a little tidbit on here for a while now.  The last time I showed you our office, it looked like this:
That picture of Madison is still our's been Christmas all year!

 Sorry for the even worse than usual picture quality...I guess I had my camera set to low quality, probably so I could Craigslist something.

I hated almost everything about this room.  The bed jutting out and being the first thing you saw from the door made the room look smaller than it is-it's actually the largest bedroom in our house.  The bookshelf was not great quality (laminate), not safe (it leaned against the wall...we could have bolted it down if we liked it, but not-so-much).  The desk being stuffed in a corner made being on the computer not fun at all.  The desk itself, even though it was a very nice piece of furniture, was super dark and heavy-feeling.  It was also literally heavy.  Just ask Pat and the two guys that came to buy it.  (With Patrick lifting one side and two men lifting the other, his back hurt the next day!)

Obviously we sold the desk.  We also sold the bookshelves and bed, leaving the room empty except for Madi's toys and our computer on the ground.  So here's the (not at all finished) reveal:

Here's what we've done so far:
  • Sold everything (clearing out the room)
  • Bought a futon ("Emily" from it)
  • Built a desk (and painted it blue BECAUSE WE CAN)
  • Moved Madison's nursery rug into the office (because it's so nice and plush, but we never play in her room)
And here's what's yet to be done:
  • Paint the walls (probably a soft grey so I can call myself a real blogger, haha)
  • Replace the light fixture
  • Address window treatments
  • Build a console for under the desk (to hold/hide the PC, file box, and other ugly but necessary desk things)
  • Finish refinishing the two desk chairs we already have (which you've never really seen)
  • Untangle and hide all the cords
  • Convince Patrick we don't need a printer
  • Sew Madison a poof cover to contain all her stuffed animals (the huge pile in the corner by the futon)
  • Hang real art (what's on the walls is literally only there because I didn't want to find space in a closet and the nails were already there)
  • Replace the missing closet door knob
  • Find a thrifted or free tv table (but not for a tv) for the wall across from the futon (the one on your right when you come in the door) for additional toy/office storage and a place for Madison to draw/color
  • Cover the fronts of Madison's diaper toy boxes (under the futon) with fabric
Phew!  Between this room, Christmas gifts, and DIY Christmas decor, I am SOOOOOOO overwhelmed with projects right now.  But I'm also really excited for what I hope will be a great result. 

Are you overloading your (metaphorical) plate right now?  (Do you spend more time talking parenthetically than not?)  Do you have any soft grey (gray?) walls in your home?  Does all this talk about grey make you curious about the next episode of Grey's?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I like the blue color on the desk. I love the idea of a poof for the stuffed animals. We have sooo many of them! Yes, we are redecorating Luke's and Lila's rooms for their birthdays, and it is overwhelming. It is almost a month later, and all they have are new comforters and sheets. It takes me forever to pull the trigger on purchasing anything. I am contemplating light grey for Lila's room. Still not sure...maybe light pink.