Thursday, November 1, 2012


How the heck did that happen?

 Anyway, I promised pictures of Madison in full costume, so here you go...
You might notice the pieces of her costume I didn't write about yesterday (bone clip, ruffle butt, treat bag).  I sewed the bone from two pieces of white felt and attached a little plastic clip to the back with a few stitches of white thread.  Easy peesey.  The ruffle butt was part of a diaper cake at one of her baby showers (I think the one with Pat's family).  The treat bag was a last minute project.  It was actually an Easter basket from my mom.  It came with a sweet yellow bow on the front and different pastel polka dots around the top.  I took off the bow, covered the polka dots with a strip of zebra ribbon (attached with quick dry tacky glue), and tied a nylabone to the handle with the same zebra ribbon.  Done!

Patrick took this video while I was off getting a pizza (what, do you expect me to sew AND cook?!)  That's why it's so shaky.  I love that her "Pebbles" sounds like "Bam Bam". 

Happy Thursday!


  1. ok. that video IS cute! Love it. I like that Bella walked into the frame, looked at the camera and bolted. ha.

  2. LOVE the video!.....Auntie V

  3. Love how she says Pebbles!

  4. Cute Cute outfit! Love the video.

  5. she is so CUTE! loved her costume!